Kris Jenner twists on it in a game changing OREO Super Bowl commercial

While the classic sandwich cookie has always embraced its playful side, this year’s OREO Super Bowl commercial shows how fate can impacted by a simple twist. Even the momager Kris Jenner decides by twisting on it.
Kris Jenner in "Twist It" OREO's Super Bowl LVIII commercial
Kris Jenner in "Twist It" OREO's Super Bowl LVIII commercial / OREO

In this year’s OREO Super Bowl commercial, some pivotal moments in history and pop culture get a new twist. As part of its “Twist on It” campaign, Kris Jenner and the Kardashians reality television fate might have all come down to the perfect twist.  

Super Bowl commercials need to resonate with audiences. While some concepts lean into heartfelt stories or nostalgic imagery, other moments put humorous moments front and center. No matter the direction, the hope is that those mere 30 seconds turn into years’ worth of conversations.  

With the OREO Super Bowl commercial, “Twist It,” the campaign focuses on pivotal moments in time where a simple twist impacted fate. Check out this full 90-second clip.  

As seen in the commercial, Kris Jenner makes her first Super Bowl appearance. While the momager has impacted pop culture, some people might not be keeping up with those Kardashians if it was not for that twist of fate.  

Although most people appreciate the joke, the idea is related to an idea that many people have done. Flipping a coin to make a decision is commonplace. Why not choose to twist an OREO to influence which path to take?  

With more and more Super Bowl commercials being revealed, it will be interesting to see which one gets the most buzz. Sometimes the unexpected candidate, like the Farmer’s Dog commercial from 2023, makes a huge splash. OREO might be one of those talked about commercials.  

Be sure to watch Super Bowl LVIII, Sunday, February 11 for all the NFL action, commercials, and other pop culture conversations. For this occasion, what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas.