Circle K exclusive Gatorade flavor makes America’s Thirst Stop more refreshing

Circle K adds new beverages to America's Thirst Stop
Circle K adds new beverages to America's Thirst Stop / Circle K

From a summer road trip to grabbing a beverage before a big event, America’s Thirst Stop is always ready to fill that cup. With the new Circle K exclusive Gatorade flavor, many people are stocking up on that beverage to stay hydrated all season long.

Recently, Circle K has channeled its connection to pop culture. From specialty offers with movie franchises to showcasing the super qualities of DC Comics, the limited run promotions had many people running to collect those cups, merchandise and more.

While the convenience store understands that special promotions can have consumers driving a little further to get that special item, Circle K never wants to venture too far from its original concepts. Known as America’s Thirst Stop, the brand understands that grabbing that ice cold beverage is just as important as filling up the tank.

According to Trey Powell, Senior Vice President, Global Merchandising at Circle K, “As America’s Thirst Stop, we want to be there for all of our customers’ needs and make it easy to cool down, recharge and rehydrate as the mercury rises.”

Quench that thirst with Circle K’s exclusive Gatorade flavor, 79 cent beverages and more

Given that food and beverage costs continue to influence consumers’ purchases, Circle K wants to make it easier for people to quench that thirst yet leave a little money in the wallet.

Now through August, both the Polar Pop and Froster will be 79 cents. Whether guests choose the largest size or something smaller, the beverages are all the same price.

Also, Inner Circle members can score a 69 cents beverage. That offer is available via the Circle K app. It is another example how food and beverage brands are using their rewards programs to give back to loyal customers.

While saving money is important, unique, special beverage offerings can be even more enticing. As Powell commented, "With our exciting Froster and Polar Pop offerings priced at 79 cents and our exclusive Gatorade Lightning Blast flavor, we’re looking forward to bringing refreshment and fun to your adventures, wherever they may lead this summer.”

The exclusive Gatorade Lightning Blast flavor will have many people running to get that first sip. MTN DEW has made a huge splash with its exclusive flavors and now another PepsiCo brand is leveraging that concept.

With the warmer temperatures and summer activity, people want more and flavorful ways to hydrate. Even though that Polar Pop might be a satisfying sip, some people cannot wait to be part of the special beverage crowd.

With the MTN DEW Purple Thunder as a complimentary beverage, the new Gatorade flavor will appeal to that fruit forward preference. It is more than just a colorful nod that makes for a great photo.

Circle K is ready to keep everyone hydrated this summer. America’s Thirst Stop has a cup ready with lots of options to pour into it.