Coca-Cola Happy Tears Zero Sugar celebrates the power of kindness

From moments of joy to emotional once in a lifetime events, crying in that moment is never a sign of weakness. The newest Creations beverage, Coca-Cola Happy Tears Zero Sugar captures the pure elation when a special moment comes to fruition.
Coca-Cola Happy Tears Zero Sugar hype kit
Coca-Cola Happy Tears Zero Sugar hype kit / Coca-Cola

Sometimes grabbing a tissue is a moment to celebrate. Even if it is an ugly cry, the joyful expression is sweet. From crying at a wedding to the enthusiast cheer when the confetti appears on the college admission portal, that emotional release is jubilant. With the latest Coca-Cola Creations flavor, Coca-Cola Happy Tears Zero Sugar showcases the power of kindness and happy moments can make the world a better place.  

With the Coca-Cola Creations line, the beverages capture a sentiment, an emotion, or even a cultural trend. Looking back at the eight previously released flavors, the culture first point of view is clear. Even if people might have allowed themselves to dream of an ethereal connection to space or transform themselves into a pixelated world, each offering inspired people to explore what can be possible.  

With the new Coca-Cola Happy Tears Zero Sugar, the idea is to celebrate those moments of pure joy. That single tear pushes away any negative connotation and looks to focus on optimism. Similar to how a small ripple can create a huge wave, one act of kindness can create optimism for a better world.  

Speaking to the latest Coca-Cola Creations flavor, Oana Vlad, Senior Director, Global Strategy at The Coca-Cola Company said, “Coca-Cola Happy Tears Zero Sugar is our newest Creation that embraces the power of kindness, it is also the first-ever to be sold in a hype kit exclusively available on TikTok. Similar to previous Coca-Cola Creations, we have developed a unique, unexpected flavor – inspired by what happy tears might taste like – in addition to creating an innovative digital experience inspired by kindness. We can’t wait to see the small acts of kindness our new drop inspires in the world.” 

While people will have to experience the special flavor for themselves, this beverage is more than just refreshment. It is about celebrating connections and kindness. Sharing in someone’s celebration, bringing a smile to another’s day, or just offering a word of encouragement makes a difference. It might sound simplistic, but these moments can and will make a difference.  

The new Coca-Cola Creations flavor, Coca-Cola Happy Tears Zero Sugar launches on Random Acts of Kindness Day, February 17. It will be available for purchase in the U.S. and the Great Britain via TikTok.

Whether people share a hype kit with a friend or sing a few bars of the nostalgic song about giving the world a Coke, the idea is to celebrate sharing a moment with another person. From a wave in passing to sending a text to a friend from college, take the time to make the connection. Isn’t it time to turn a single drop into an overflowing bucket kindness?