Cody Goldstein reveals the secret to the tantalizing Talentini, interview

Talentini, Vanilla Bean Dirty Martini Sundae
Talentini, Vanilla Bean Dirty Martini Sundae / Talenti

While many people enjoy a scoop of the lusciously creamy Talenti Gelato, Cody Goldstein, of Muddling Memories, transforms the Talenti Madagascan Vanilla Bean Gelato into the Talentini, a Vanilla Bean Dirty Martini Sundae. Referencing the classic dirty martini, this delightfully delicious dessert captivates with balanced flavors.

Although that rich chocolate cake or delicately flakey pastry might be some people’s preferred way to end a meal, others would rather have a savory cheese course or maybe a cocktail. While both food choices have merit, having the option is key to bringing satisfaction to everyone around the table.

That variety in food has expanded to the cocktail conversation. Herbaceous and spicy qualities are celebrated as much as fruity and sweet notes. Again, that willingness to include rather than exclude ingredients celebrates cocktail creativity.

Through the Cody Goldstein and Talenti partnership, the pair sought take an ingredient that people love and reimagine the dirty martini into the Talentini, a Vanilla Bean Dirty Martini Sundae. Whether it is time to see a classic martini in a different light or appreciate that a gelato can pair well with savory flavors, the idea opens a bigger conversation on food trends.

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Muddling Memories’ Goldstein about the Talentini, his creative process, and his thoughts on cocktail trends.

When asked how this idea of a Vanilla Bean Dirty Martini Sundae came to be, Goldstein said, “we wanted to create something that felt like a martini sundae. We landed on something that was obvious and approachable, but also unique. We focused on how can we take something that is savory and salty and combine it with something that is creamy and sweet.”

After many iterations, the Vanilla Bean Dirty Martini Sundae hits all the flavor profiles in a perfectly balanced way. If someone were to close their eyes and eat a scoop, they can see the reference point of that perfectly chilled, classic cocktail.

The creamy, rich gelato tempers the salinity of the dirty martini. The honey infused gin plays with the botanicals in the spirit with the sweetness of the honey. The pungent note from the blue cheese contrasts the brightness from the lemon zest. Whether eaten as a complete bite or parsed ingredient by ingredient, it is a sundae unlike any other.

Vanilla Bean Dirty Martini Sundae
Vanilla Bean Dirty Martini Sundae, Talentini / Talenti

While there are many boozy desserts, Goldstein did not want to make another milkshake. The reason was two-fold.

Goldstein said, “when you add to much liquid into the gelato, it takes away from the integrity of the gelato and its beautiful fat content. Instead of creating an obvious milkshake, we wanted to incorporate the alcohol in a way that if someone could have it both with and without it. The two different versions are approachable for anyone who wants to try it.”

Regardless whether Talentini finds its way on restaurants menus across the U.S., the reality is that cocktail trends are evolving. From grating some cheese on a martini to incorporating other common ingredients, people are more willing to experiment or just try the unexpected.

For Goldstein, he believes “people are looking for unique ways to utilize everyday products that they have in their home. I think people get excited about thinking of ways that they can utilize everyday ingredients in unexpecting ways. We take pride in creating thoughtful, culinary ideas.”

Whie Muddling Memories always finds ways to “make unexpected flavors a little more approachable,” the reality is that people want delicious food and beverages. Complicated for complicated sake can take away from the overall enjoyment. No one should need an instruction manual or how to eat diagram to enjoy a dish. As Goldstein said, “the flavor should be harmonious.” When a bite can stand on its own, that flavor will make a lasting impression.

Since a sundae is often the end to a meal, Goldstein believes that his Talentini is a great choice for both the person who prefers a sweet ending and the person who would rather have a savory summation. He said, “I think that there is no wrong way to have gelato at the end of the meal.” With this dirty martini sundae it appeals to the person who loves a final cheese course or a cocktail as the final sip. Basically, the Talenti wraps all those items up into one dish.

Although some people might not have been expected the Talentini, the idea is approachable because it is rooted in flavors that people know. While social media might play a role in the growth of savory cocktail’s popularity, the bigger conversation focuses on familiar flavors.

As Goldstein explained, “cocktails that are created to evoke a certain food or nostalgic flavor that people are used to. The biggest challenge as a mixologist or somebody that creates cocktails is you look at a glass and you see liquid. How do you know what that tastes like? It's not like you look at a hamburger and you're like, I know if I bite into that, the sense is that I'm going to get from that. “

To work through that flavor identifier challenge, Goldstein references food that people know and can imagine the taste. Whether it is cold pizza or a dirty martini, that tingling on the tongue creates excitement for the first sip. Even with their eyes closed, the creamy, cold, smooth gelato is the vehicle to bring the briny olive, the botanical infused honey, and a hint of citrus vibrancy, just like the martini glass offers the similar flavors.

In addition, Talenti and Cody Goldstein have graciously shared the recipe for anyone who would like to make this creation at home.

Talentini recipe
Talentini recipe / Talenti

Is it time to look at the Talenti container a little differently? The martini glass is more than a pretty way to serve that scoop. It could inspire a bounty of creative options