Crown another triumphant NFL season with a royally delicious cocktail

The Royal Whisky Sour
The Royal Whisky Sour / Crown Royal

While some football fans might be taking a water break to kick off the year, others are ready to toast the end of the NFL regular season. With a little help from Crown Royal, the hard 18 weeks of games can come to a triumphant close. Whether the win loss record is positive or positions a team for a better draft, there are plenty of reasons to raise a glass.  

Over the years, Crown Royal has leveraged its partnership as the whisky partner of the National Football League. From team inspired cocktails to raising funds for various charities, the spirits brand appreciates that football fans often cheer their favorite team with food and beverages.  

This NFL season, Crown Royal donated $250,000 to Feeding America. The charitable organization has been in a leader in combating hunger in the U.S. That sizable donation will provide a significant number of meals to those in need.  

The donation was part of the Kick Off With Crown program. Featuring a variety of cocktails from NFL legends and other partners, the liquor brand showed the versatility of the Canadian blended whisky. From the tailgate to the post-game celebration, the classic liquor nestled in that purple bag is always a regal sip.  

Flavorful ways to toast the NFL season with Crown Royal 

While many people might crack open a beer or have a signature cocktail, Crown Royal’s versatility makes it a great choice for an NFL watching party. From bright, zesty flavors to rich, warm spices, the options can hit the whole flavor spectrum.  

More importantly, the Canadian whisky pairs well with food. From simple chips and salsa to a hearty barbecue spread, the food and beverage combination scores with guests. With a water break in between shaking up another libation, everyone will be satisfied till the end of the fourth quarter.  

Packers Punch Crown Royal Cocktail
Packers Punch / Crown Royal

Whether people are cheering how ‘bout them Cowboys or hoping for another Packers triumph over the Bears, there is a cocktail recipe for that occasion. More importantly, the cocktails can be customized for personal preferences.  

For example, the America’s Sweet Tea can get a burst of fresh mint to brighten the flavor. Or, consider changing the bitters to a black walnut option for a more nutty note. While the cocktail is delicious on its own, it can be altered to personal preferences.  

Looking at some of the other NFL season cocktails, they are rooted not only in team’s local but are related in particular flavors. From sunny lemonades to rich cherries, the options for the next football watching game are many.

Plus, each of the team cocktails can be the starting point for food and beverage pairings. For example, the Packers cocktail, Packers Punch, works quite well with a plate of summer sausage and King of Clubs cheese and Ritz crackers. Or, the KC Whisky Sour pairs delightfully with a plate of that Kansas City barbecue. Basically, it is easy to create a whole spread without a tremendous amount of effort.  

The regular NFL season might be coming to a close but the cheering for a favorite team does not have to end at the close of the fourth quarter. The crowning achievement of any football fan is team loyalty. Luckily, Crown Royal is ready to shake up that winning toast.