Crown Royal encourages fans to Hydrate Responsibly this football season


Watching football is always entertaining, but Crown Royal wants football fans to remember to Hydrate Responsibly this season. Are you ready for a water break?

Football and a good libation seem to be a winning pairing. But, drinking responsibly is paramount. Crown Royal, number-one selling Canadian whisky brand, wants to encourage football fans to drink in moderation. Crown Royal Water Break, Hydrate Responsibly, is part of that plan.

Many football fans have seen that one person who has over indulged. While that person might think that they are the life of the party, the reality is that he is ruining game day celebrations for everyone else. No one is saying that drinking should be removed from these football celebrations. Instead, moderation in the celebration is key.

Crown Royal Water Break, photo provided by Crown Royal

The Crown Royal Hydrate Responsibly message starts with an easy to understand concept, the Water Break. At football games, everyone sees athletes hydrating throughout the game. Without proper hydration, the players can’t stay in the game. This concept can translate to the fan. Without moderation and hydrating between alcoholic beverages, fans can’t stay in the game.

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The Crown Royal Water Break campaign will air during the NFL season opener. The brand hopes to create a program that is more than just a message. According to said Sophie Kelly, Senior Vice President of North American Whisk(e)ys at Diageo, the brand is “looking to change behaviors and ultimately make a positive social impact.”

Throughout the season, Crown Royal will partner with legends like Brian Westbrook, DeMarcus Ware and Ed Reed to re-enforce this better hydration concept. From passing out gallons of water to providing safe rides home, understanding drinking in moderation and responsibly is key.

Fans are a crucial part of every football game,” said Brian Westbrook, former professional football great. “The goal this season is to remind everyone to be safe — whether at the tailgate, the bar, in the stands or at home – by taking a moment to participate in a Crown Royal Water Break to create a more enjoyable game day experience for everyone.”

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Whether your team is on an epic win streak or having a disappointing season, remember to keep your game day a responsible one. Join the Crown Royal Water Break an hydrate responsibly.