Dominique Ansel Marché adds another flavorful experience to Paris Las Vegas

Dominique Ansel Marché to open at Paris Las Vegas
Dominique Ansel Marché to open at Paris Las Vegas / Dominique Ansel/Caesars Entertainment

While Dominique Ansel Las Vegas draws crowds to enjoy the delectable desserts and pastries, the celebrated pastry chef is expanding his reach within the Caesars Entertainment portfolio with Dominique Ansel Marché at Paris Las Vegas. Without needing a passport, guests can enjoy a taste of Parisian markets.

As guests step off the bustling Strip, Paris Las Vegas offers a glimpse into a French lifestyle. While some people may be lured to tempt their luck at the tables, others stroll the floor debating which restaurant should be the first stop. From the couple who sneaks into a quiet corner of Vanderpump a Paris for a cocktail or others cannot wait to indulge in Martha Stewart’s perfectly roasted chicken at The Bedford by Martha Stewart, the food and beverages are as big a draw as journeying to the top of Eiffel Tower.

Joining the food and beverage offering at Paris Las Vegas will be Dominique Ansel Marché. The newest location is a different concept for the popular pastry chef. In addition to many of Ansel’s iconic pastries, savory items will be featured.

The brand-new concept is inspired by French open-air markets. Based on the description, it sounds like a café spot where many guests will linger. It will almost be a little enclave from the bustle of the floor.

Ansel described Dominique Ansel Marché as follows: “We’ll be baking fresh croissants daily, fruit tarts and cakes with beautiful in-season ingredients, making crêpes to order like my early memories from back home and serving rotisserie chicken and many of our signature pastries. There will be plenty of café seating that’s perfect for people-watching with a cup of coffee, just like on the sidewalks of France.”

Guests will be able to enjoy the infamous Cronut, DKA, and even Frozen S’mores. While sweets and croissants are classics, the diverse savory menu items are exciting. From rotisserie chicken to made-to-order crepes, the restaurant offers a little bit of everything for anyone.

The new restaurant adds another experience to the Caesars Entertainment roster. While celebrity chefs are a big draw, it is more than just the name on the menu. It is the overall ambiance that draws both visitors and locals. People want delicious food coupled with an experience. This location delivers on that concept.

The Dominique Ansel Marché is set to open at Paris Las Vegas in Fall 2024. It will be located near The Bedford by Martha Stewart.