Dunkin cleans up the competition on National Donut Day

Dunkin Scrub Daddy collaboration
Dunkin Scrub Daddy collaboration / Dunkin

National Donut Day 2024 is on June 7. While there are more than a dozen reasons to enjoy a donut on that Saturday, Dunkin has another option to sweeten the day. Ready to scrub away any of those errant crumbs?

From that classic sprinkled donut to a specialty summer flavor, America runs to Dunkin for donuts and coffee. Whether it is the donut perched on top of that ice coffee cup or dunked into the piping hot cup of java, the classic food and beverage combination always satisfies.

For National Donut Day 2024, Dunkin will be offering a free donut with purchase on June 7. Guests can choose from any classic donut, but a beverage purchase is required. The offer is available while supplied last.

While that Saturday morning donut and drink might be the perfect way to start the weekend, it does not mean that the chores list or the honey-do list magically disappears. But, Dunkin has a way to make that cleaning a little more sweet.

The Dunkin’ Donut Scrub Daddy brings a little fun to the clean-up. America’s favorite sponge is getting a little sugary makeover. While the successful Shark Tank product has a huge following, this version has a different visual from the typical smile.

The donut inspired Scrub Daddy will be available starting on June 3 on the Scrub Daddy website. If a cute looking sponge encourages the kids to clean their bathroom, it is a huge win. Anything that makes chores more bearable is a great choice.

This idea is one of many fun collaborations that Dunkin has leveraged over the years. From running shoes to commercial inspired tracksuits, there is no limit to the cross overs that are available. Sometimes the pairing might not necessarily be obvious, but it resonates with people.

This National Donut Day clean up with a treat and a scrub. Spills happen, but it is how you recover from the moment that matters.