Dunkin’s Wicked Lahhhge Tumbler is the ultimate road trip accessory

Dunkin Wicked Lahhhge Tumbler
Dunkin Wicked Lahhhge Tumbler / Dunkin

While many people run to their local store to start their day, a road trip requires some extra refreshment. Dunkin’s Wicked Lahhhge Tumbler keeps the thirst away on that journey.

Many people have their preferred coffee spot. While colorful beverages captivate the eye and creative flavor combinations get people talking, the reality is that taste always wins. Even with a spoonful of sugar and a splash of cream, the coffee’s flavor is and will always be the purchase drive.

For Dunkin, that smooth, rich coffee calls to many people. Whether paired with a donut or just sipped as a little pick-me up, people know that they can trust the food brand.

With the Wicked Lahhhge Tumbler, the sheer size of the cup ensures that there is plenty to sip on that road trip. Coming in at 40 oz, it is like having multiple cups in one big glass. The easy to hold design makes it a quick grab from that cupholder.

Given that the tumbler has some insulation, no one has to worry about hot drinks turning lukewarm or cold drinks losing their chill. Everyone can sip to their hearts content.

The Dunkin exclusive tumbler is available now, ahead of the Memorial Day travel weekend. While this idea is targeted for road trips, it would make a great graduation gift. All those study sessions can be fueled by Dunkin.

Even though this tumbler is intended for coffee beverages, it could be used for other drinks, too. From a favorite Refresher to some water after all that coffee, the container is far from a single use item.

Ready to keep sipping mile after mile? Make a run to the local store to purchase Dunkin’s Wicked Lahhhge Tumbler. It might make you the envy of everyone on the road this summer.