HelloFresh and HVR partner on the ultimate ranch tasting experience

HelloFresh and Hidden Valley Ranch introduce Ranch Flight
HelloFresh and Hidden Valley Ranch introduce Ranch Flight / HelloFresh

Ranch is more than just another sauce. With the recent HelloFresh and HVR collaboration, that creamy, tangy, buttermilk goodness can be dipped, drizzled, and drown a bevy of food combinations. Ready to give it a pour?

Food lovers are often very passionate about their favorite ingredients, flavors, and dishes. Some people prefer simplicity, while others would rather push creativity with unlikely food mashups. The juxtaposition keeps the culinary world exciting. After all, food should never be bland, boring, or just interesting.

According to a recent survey, ranch continues to be a favorite sauce, condiment, just overall great food. It is more than just a way to make salads more palatable or topping for that dry burger. People put ranch on and in almost anything. It might not be as controversial as the full Christmas stocking hung over the fireplace, but people never want to find an empty bottle in the refrigerator.

Recently, HelloFresh partnered with Hidden Valley Ranch to offer the first-ever Ranch Flight. The ranch tasting experience offers people a way to experiment with curious combinations. From traditional to unexpected, people cannot get enough of the creative pairings.

This concept showcases ranch’s versatility. The various recipes in the box prove that ranch can be tangy, spicy, and even a little briny. Although sweet might not be front and center, it might be time to coin a new food word, spranchy, the combination of spicy and ranch.

HelloFresh Ranch Flight
HelloFresh Ranch Flight / HelloFresh

Ready to get a taste of HelloFresh and HVR’s “spranchy” food recipes?

Many people look to amplify the flavor in a classic condiment. From a dash of hot sauce in a ketchup to combining mustards for more flavor depth, people are willing to experiment with those foods.

With the HelloFresh and Hidden Valley Ranch Ranch Flight, the suggested flavor combinations have people looking at ranch in a whole new light. Whether or not the term “spranchy” will take hold is debatable, but the flavors are definitely bolder than just the plain, tangy sauce.

For example, the Goucho Rancho combines HVR with Southwest Seasoning and Chipotle. The smoky, spicy offering is great as a substitute for an aioli on a taco or a quesadilla. Or, it can be a simple flavor boost to a plain chicken breast.

Another option is the All Bay Long Ranch, which combines HVR with Old Bay Seasoning. This option is perfect for a fish fry. Instead of another tartar sauce, consider this dip. Also, it would be delicious as a spread for corn on the cob.

While HelloFresh offers several suggestions, they are just the tip of the food mash-up possibilities. The spice cabinet is open to explore. From the smoky, spicy pepper note in harissa to amplifying the heat with Frank’s RedHot, the possibilities are endless.

The HelloFresh HVR Ranch Flight is available to purchase now. No HelloFresh membership is required, but the offering is available while supplies last.