Move over pancakes, IHOP banks on sweet beverages to guests’ delight

IHOP Cupcake House-Made Milkshakes
IHOP Cupcake House-Made Milkshakes / IHOP

Time to unlock the IHOP International Bank of Pancakes vault and discover another stack of deliciousness on the restaurant menu. Joining the April Flavor of the Month pancakes are new beverages that have guests craving another sip of sweetness.

While the iconic pancakes are and will always be a signature of the IHOP menu, the restaurant brand looks beyond the short stack for some new food inspiration. In this case, sweetness fills the glass with both sippable and spoonable delights.

Speaking to the new menu items, Chef Art Carl, Vice President of Culinary at IHOP said, “As the leader in breakfast, we are continually innovating and expanding our menu to ensure we are introducing menu items our guests want, including the introduction of fun and exciting new beverage options like Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola. We also remain committed to providing options that satisfy cravings during all dayparts. We take pride in the ways we innovate across the breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night categories that allow guests to enjoy IHOP when they want it, and how they want it.”

IHOP Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola Float
Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola Float at IHOP / IHOP

Although the April 1 announcement is a little precarious, IHOP and Pepsi return with a Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola and Float. While the first canned version of this beverage might have been a laughing matter, this special offering is far from a joke.

Given that Pepsi has leveraged the concept that its caramel forward cola goes with anything and everything on the plate, this combination of Pepsi, maple syrup, and ice cream is a dessert lover’s dream come true. It feels a touch nostalgic, but it has a flavor innovation that people appreciate.

Whether enjoyed simply as a dessert or paired with one of the new menu items, like a Classic Chicken Sandwich, the dessert will quickly become a must try. Even if guests pair it with some pancakes, the flavors match up well. Just be careful dipping that pancake into the glass.

In addition to the Pepsi collaboration, IHOP is launching Cupcake House-Made Milkshakes. Based on the popular pancake flavors, Cinn-A-Stack and Cupcake, these new milkshakes show how favorite flavors can cross over into other menu items.

While this drinkable milkshake is a great idea, it is curious that stackable ice cream and pancake dessert is not necessarily on the IHOP menu. Several of the pancake options have dessert forward flavors. Making pancake ice cream sandwich is not out of the question. Maybe that could be a treat for summer.

What is the April IHOP Pancake of the Month flavor?

In addition to the new sweet beverage options on the IHOP menu, the April IHOP Pancake of the Month flavor is Cinnamon Apple Pecan Pancakes. While the slightly spicy cinnamon apples are delicious, it is the dulce de leche sauce that makes this stack sensational. It is warm, sweet, and comforting in a delicious way.

Looking at the previous pancake of the month flavors, the cinnamon apple pecan flavor is an interesting choice for April. While the combination of apples and pecans is a classic, it is not necessarily the bright, fruity flavors associated with springtime.

On the other hand, apples are a classic, comforting flavor. Given the weather rollercoaster associated with April, it might be the roaring good taste that makes the month more bearable.

These new menu items and other offerings are available now. Check with restaurants for availability and pricing.