IHOP Girl Scout Thin Mints Pancakes are the latest flavor of the month

IHOP Girl Scout Thin Mints Pancakes, March Flavor of the Month
IHOP Girl Scout Thin Mints Pancakes, March Flavor of the Month / IHOP

IHOP’s newest limited time flavor will have everyone feeling lucky this March. IHOP Girl Scout Thin Mints Pancakes are the March Flavor of the Month and it might be the real treasure at the end of the rainbow.

March foods are often colored green for the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. While the vibrant color might capture people’s eyes, the bold hue can sometimes hide a little secret. Color without flavor is not a lucky combination.

With the IHOP Girl Scout Thin Mints Pancakes, the flavor of those iconic cookies come through in every bite. This stack is both colorful and delicious.

According to IHOP, the March Flavor of the Month Pancakes feature green buttermilk pancakes topped with creamy cheesecake mousse, a sprinkling of Gril Scout Thin Mint pieces and whipped topping. While the mint flavor is subtle, the crunchy texture from the cookie crumbles makes this bite quite enjoyable. It helps to break up the other soft flavors.

This pancake flavor captures what people love about Thin Mints, the crispy crunchy texture with the rich chocolate and refreshing mint. Since cream cheese mousse makes it a little more rich, there might not be a need for more syrup. But, an extra dollop of whipped cream can always be a good thing.

Some people might wonder why IHOP did not decide to add more mint flavor to the pancake stack. Since mint can overtake all the other flavors, adding a mint syrup or other flavoring can be polarizing. This version offers the mint in a subtle, but enjoyable way.

The Girl Scout Thin Mint Pancakes are the second flavor of the month offering. After a successful Chocolate Strawberry Pancakes that were launched in February, everyone was wondering how IHOP would top that decadent flavor. The Girl Scouts Thin Mint Pancakes seem to have captured that sentiment.

The Pancake of the Month offering brings excitement to the restaurant brand. Even if that Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity combo is always delicious, people want to venture into something new. More importantly, the limited time offering encourages people to make a special visit to try the limited time offering.

Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see what IHOP offers for April. Could a bright, zesty citrus flavor be on the horizon?