IHOP dazzles with an IF inspired colorful and imaginative limited time menu

IHOP IF Menu includes Blue’s Dazzleberry Pancakes
IHOP IF Menu includes Blue’s Dazzleberry Pancakes / IHOP

Even though IHOP’s iconic Rooty Tooty  Fresh and Fruity is always a tasty choice, other fun food menu items are coming to the causal restaurant chain. The IF inspired menu is a feast of colorful and imaginative options.

Over the years, IHOP has used popular family movies to inspire limited time menu offerings. From the appeal of banana-centric Minions food to Wonka inspired pancake stacks, the cinematic magic has been transformed into delectable delights for all ages.

With the highly anticipated IF heading to movie theaters, IHOP is bringing a sense of imagination, whimsy, and color to the table. Why not grab a friend and enjoy a feast that could inspire everyone to dream bigger.

IHOP IF food menu
IHOP launches IF inspired colorful food menu / IHOP

What food items are on the IHOP IF limited time menu?

The IHOP IF Menu features seven specialty food items. From colorful pancakes to a creative take on a favorite savory food, these choices show that a little playfulness in the kitchen can spark a bigger conversation.

Of course, the younger guests will ask for Blue’s Dazzleberry Pancakes or the Combo meal. Blue raspberry is always a favorite flavor for kids. While the color entices the eyes, the addition of some Fruity Pebbles is a nice textural contrast. The pancakes might be a tad sweet, but the meal might be a special treat.

The other breakfast inspired dish is Lewis’ Cinn-A-Bear Stack. This item combines pancakes with cinnamon sugar donut holes. Some people might wonder why this food combination was not tried together before. For the indecisive person, it seems like a tasty solution.

Another creative take on a breakfast food is the MagnIFicent French Toast Sandwich. While there have been pancake tacos and the Monte Cristo sandwich might be a similar idea, turning French Toast into a handheld adds a little whimsy.

Although the use of chipotle mayo might make this dish more for adults than kids, the sandwich could inspire some new takes on breakfast or brunch food ideas. Maybe a savory pancake roll-up could be on the horizon.

Continuing the food mashup conversation, the Coney Island Pizza Omelet might be the idea that home cooks borrow. Adding pepperoni to an omelet might not be common, but it could get kids excited to eat some extra protein at breakfast. Again, it shows that any and all foods can be transformed in creative ways.

In addition to these menu items, the IHOP IF Menu includes: Blossom’s Orangesicle and Unbelieva-Blue Soda Pop. These items can be combined with the other IF food choices or any IHOP menu item.

As the summer season kicks into high gear, the connection between restaurants and movies is big business. From families to fans, people want to continue the story after the credits roll. These types of food collaborations draw people to the table.

The IF Menu will be available at IHOP restaurants. Check with locations for pricing and availability.