Jason Kelce amps up all those game day foods with Frank’s RedHot

Jason Kelce is never afraid to speak his mind, embrace the bold moment, or maybe even just through caution to the wind. As a fan of Frank’s RedHot, Kelce shows that fiery hot sauce goes on all the big game food.
Jason Kelce for Frank's RedHot
Jason Kelce for Frank's RedHot / Frank's RedHot

While Jason Kelce is a dominating presence on the gridiron, the All-Pro Center is more than the man who makes the penetrating hole for a game winning touchdown. Kelce has created his own era in the pop culture moment. With the big game around the corner, he is ready to make a big impression with flavor. Ready to put that Frank’s RedHot on everything and anything on the table?  

Although Frank’s RedHot might have a slogan that can be sensitive to little ears, the sentiment behind that bold statement is clear. The iconic hot sauce brings the spice, unapologetically.  

Speaking to his partnership with Frank’s RedHot, Jason Kelce said, “Everyone knows I love hot sauce. Like me, Frank’s RedHot doesn’t take itself too seriously. This partnership is about having fun with flavor and heat; I’m excited to put that $#!t on everything, and for fans to do the same. From wings to candy, let’s turn up the heat for the Big Game! 

Check out Jason Kelce for Frank’s RedHot in this clip.  

As video shows, Kelce is shaking that sauce on everything. While some people might not be ready to add a dash of that hot sauce on OREO cookies, some of the other options are definitely worth discussing.  

Frank’s RedHot is great in a beverage. From a Bloody Mary to a Michelada to even a little extra in a margarita, there are a plethora of uses. Sometimes that savory punch can lift a beverage.  

Of course, everyone knows that the hot sauce works on wings, nachos, and dips. Why not try something new. Is there a way to incorporate that Frank’s RedHot in a dessert. Maybe there is a way to blend Kylie Kelce’s love of Lindor Truffles with this hot sauce. Spice and chocolate is a winning combination. The other Kelce couple could score with big, bold flavor.  

For anyone who wants to showcase their culinary creativity, Frank’s RedHot is issuing a challenge. Tag their socials @FranksRedHot for a chance to win big. It might be a shiny silver trophy, but that food creation will live in infamy.