JetBlue’s zero proof beverages make flying “dry” easier

JetBlue in flight service
JetBlue in flight service / JetBlue

As more people jet off on an epic adventure, the food and beverage options on board need to appeal to trends, preferences, and even resolutions. JetBlue’s zero proof beverages pour many flavorful options for that dry drinking swap.  

Getting on a plane can be more than just a method to get from place to place. Even though those images from decades ago might be laughable, there are moments where the flying experience can be far different than the negative viral video.  

Many airlines try to find ways to make the time spent in the confined space a little more enjoyable. Sometimes it comes in the form of food and beverage offerings that appeal to a particular lifestyle choice.  

JetBlue has offered different beverage options to accommodate various drinking preferences. For example, the company offers flavored powdered mixers that can be served as a mocktail.  

For example, there is a CraftMix strawberry mule packet (available for purchase) that can be combined with sparkling water to create a mocktail. Or, if a more flavorful version is preferred, consider using a ginger ale. It does take a little experimentation, but swapping the sparkling beverage can be fun.  

Other powdered mixers are available on board. There is a Stirrings Margarita Mix and TrueLime Packet. Sparkling water or other beverages can get a little flavor boost from these packets.  

In addition, JetBlue was the first major U.S. airline to offer non-alcoholic beer. Available on board, the Athletic Brewing Upside Dawn is a popular choice for anyone who appreciates NA beers. As many people have come to appreciate, Athletic Brewing brings big flavor and craftsmanship to the non-alcoholic beer conversation.  

The depth of flavor in this beer is quite enjoyable. It might not be as hoppy as an IPA, but it is far from a watered-down version of a favorite brew.  

While these options are available for all travelers, Mint travelers have a specialty mocktail to enjoy. As hotels and resorts have come to appreciate, offering the same cocktail in both an alcoholic and non-alcoholic version is important to guests.  

The popular Mint Condition has been transformed into Mint (Under One) Condition. The zero-proof cocktail is bright, spicy, and refreshing. It has the mint, ginger, cucumber and lime that travelers expect, but the alcohol is omitted. With this version, no one has to stop at just one during that flight.  

JetBlue understands that flying perks can make the experience a little more enjoyable. Whether it is a quick business flight or an escape to a tropical locale, the airline looks to put you above all. Cheers to that sentiment.