Kraft Singles Caramelized Onion changes grilled cheese forever

Kraft Singles Caramelized Onion, Jalapeno, and Garlic and Herb
Kraft Singles Caramelized Onion, Jalapeno, and Garlic and Herb / Kraft

Unwrapping that simple, classic cheese slice is a staple for sandwiches, burgers, and a multitude of other food recipes. With the new Kraft Singles Caramelized Onion and two new Kraft Singles flavored cheese slices, the food combination possibilities become even more creative.  

According to the brand, 1 in 4 households have at least one package of Kraft Singles in their refrigerator. Similar to that blue box of macaroni and cheese, the familiar, favorite food always satisfies. Whether sandwiched between two pieces of bread or just eaten on its own, the American cheese is always a favorite across generations.  

Given that food trends often involve flavor, many people want the familiar with a twist. When that perfectly melty slice can have a little boost of spice, savory, or herbaceous, people are willing to make a switch.  

As Kraft Singles’ research showed, almost two-thirds of consumers want to try new foods. With an increase in the flavored cheese slice category, it was time for Kraft Singles to fill a gap in its line-up.  

Kraft Singles Caramelized Onion, Jalapeno, and Garlic and Herb hit stores.  

The new flavored cheese slices are Kraft Singles Caramelized Onion, Jalapeno, and Garlic and Herb. In some ways, these options are choices that work well with almost any use. From the classic grilled cheese to a melted slice on a hamburger, the bolder taste is a welcome addition.  

While the jalapeno might be similar to a pepper jack cheese, the Kraft Singles Caramelized Onion might be offer the most versatility in the group. For example, the slightly sweet, tangy option on a grill cheese would be delightful when dipped into that tomato soup. On top of a burger, it brings that onion flavor without being too pungent. On a simple sandwich, it can be the tangy flavor with minimal effort.  

In some ways, these Kraft Singles can go beyond the simple sandwich. Why not add one of these slices to ramen noodles to add a new texture or it could be a way to add some dumplings to soup. Or, why not use the slices on that French Onion soup.  The savory flavors might not be expected on an apple pie, but it might be nice in a quiche.

The three new Kraft Singles flavors will be sold in 16 cheese slice packages. They are hitting stores soon. Check with retailers for pricing.