Kraft Mac and Cheese wants to give the iconic Big Mac a flavor upgrade

(Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)
(Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images) /

Some food brands are iconic. Kraft Mac and Cheese with its blue box is one of them. McDonald’s with its Golden Arches and Big Mac is another. In a recent announcement, the favorite mac and cheese wants everyone to forget about that special sauce and put some macaroni in between those sesame seed buns. Should a Big Mac actually have mac?

Food mashups or crossovers are becoming more popular. The idea that a particular flavor can be enjoyed in a new way is more than culinary creativity. It is a way for food lovers to get excited about sitting at the table.

Over the years, Kraft Mac and Cheese has never been afraid to push the envelope. From sending people “noods” to changing that orange hue to vibrant pink, the reality is that food should be fun. People should want to smile while enjoying a plate of their favorite dish.

Recently, the popular Kraft brand posed a question that might have been on the minds of others for decades. If McDonald’s calls its iconic hamburger a Big Mac, shouldn’t that two all beef patties with special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun have some macaroni and cheese, too? Where do you stand on this “missing mac?”

Ready for Kraft Mac and Cheese on that Big Mac?

Kraft Mac and Cheese is putting that question to the fans. As Christina Brown, Associate Brand Manager at Kraft Heinz said, “For years, we’ve seen our fans add Kraft Mac & Cheese to their burgers from the comfort of their homes. But why can’t we make it easier for comfort-craving enthusiasts? We believe that the time for change is now, and we are hopeful that America’s most iconic burger, the Big Mac, will start to add the most important mac of all.”

Now, the idea of adding macaroni and cheese to a hamburger is not necessarily a new idea. Some restaurants already have this option. It makes the burger super cheesy and might require a fork for eating. Overall, it combines two comfort foods in one bite.

Although this idea is a promotion, the question is a valid one. Why couldn’t a quick service restaurant create a mac and cheeseburger? While McDonald’s might prefer to use its own proprietary macaroni and cheese recipe, there could be a way for some other quick service restaurants to voice their opinions on social media. Wonder if someone else is looking to make this idea their crowning achievement?

For now, Kraft Mac and Cheese is using the power of the fans to gain support for this idea. On, the iconic blue box brand is helping people to raise their voice on Twitter to get some support for the Big Mac ingredient upgrade.

As many food fans have seen, the power of the people in the food world is great motivator. Isn’t it time for the Big Mac to actually have mac?