Lay’s opens the bag on a curious Groundhog Day snacking concept

Groundhog Day and Lay's
Groundhog Day and Lay's / Lay's

While some people might be cautiously watching Phil and his shadow, Lay’s is serving a different idea for the February 2 holiday. This Groundhog Day snacking concept might have a flavorful loop that everyone would want.  

Many people have a favorite Lay’s chip flavor. Even though they might happily put that food and flavor on repeat day after day, the reality is that there are plenty of options on the shelf. For this Groundhog Day snacking concept, the ads have a little twist, if people can spot the change.  

Although the idea of Phil seeing his shadow might be as much a pop culture moment as it is scientifically based concept, it is a reason to get people talking. Even though February is full of big game conversations and carefully crafted romantic gestures, some people just want a good laugh.  

Lay’s and Disney Advertising partnered on eight humorous ads that will run on February 2. Created by Maximum Effort and KIMMELOT, the commercials feature Stephen Tobolowsky, who many will remember from the iconic Groundhog Day film.  

Check out one of the Lay’s commercials. Ready to comment on that irresistible flavor? Ready to comment on that irresistible flavor?  Maybe someone already asked that question.

Speaking to this ad inspiration, Chris Bellinger, Chief Creative Officer, Frito-Lay, Ryan Reynolds, Co-Founder, Maximum Effort, Jimmy Kimmel, and John Campbell, SVP, Entertainment and Streaming Solutions, Disney Advertising shared some very similar commentary on this concept. Basically, they each mentioned that the “creativity is at the core” of what they do. “We are excited to entertain our consumers with an unconventional series of custom spots that play on the theme of an iconic film and day.” The similarity in statements was uncanny.  

The Groundhog Day inspired commercials will air on ABC and Hulu on February 2. How often they repeat might be depend on whether or not that clock resets and if Phil sees his shadow. Or, the commercials might just loop on forever and ever.