Liquid Death Death Dust electrolyte mixes can revive an apocalyptic thirst

Liquid Death Death Dust
Liquid Death Death Dust / Liquid Death

While Liquid Death has quenched many unruly thirsts, the unapologetically bold beverage brand is ready to decimate dehydration with its latest offering. Death Dust electrolyte mix just might be the magical elixir that everyone has wanted.  

From its engaging social media presence to its creative product campaigns, Liquid Death appreciates that getting people’s attention is valuable. Although some people may not necessarily appreciate its particular type of humor, the reality is that its unique perspective is vital to its identity. No other beverage is willing to say that it will murder your thirst.  

While Liquid Death took a stand to ditch plastic for aluminum cans, the brand appreciates that loyal fans may want to venture into new avenues. Instead of wandering towards an unchartered path, staying in the hydration lane is smart for the brand. The new electrolyte mixes are something that loyal fans will want to try.  

Available in three flavors, Severed Lime, Mango Chainsaw, and Convicted Melon, the similarity to popular water flavors is clear. These powdered options just have a little extra boost in every package.  

Although Death Dust might not necessarily be a wise choice to add to a carbonated beverage, the three flavors should have wide reaching appeal. More importantly, the flavors are different from other powdered electrolyte mixes. Instead of another fruit punch or grape, the zesty, tropical flavors might be a burst of sunshine on an otherwise dreary day. 

Also, each package contains essential vitamins: C, B3, B5, B6,and B12, 300MG Sodium, 200MG Potassium and 40MG Magnesium. At just 35 calories, it is a choice that should get everyone feeling revitalized to outrun any unwanted foe or just be able to power through another dreaded workday.  

The new electrolyte mixes will be available on Amazon. They will be sold in 12-packs with a suggested retail price of $12.99.  

Next time that zombie feeling from dehydration hits, consider trying Liquid Death Death Dust. After all, living a full life is better than an undead one.