Miller Lite Beer Mints offer a new take on beer refreshment

Miller Lite Beer Mints
Miller Lite Beer Mints / Miller Lite

For many people, Miller Time is the few hours to recharge with friends. When people are taking a break from that classic light lager, they might still want a taste of that refreshing beer flavor. With the Miller Lite Beer Mints, no one will have to worry about dry mouth envy. 

Terms like dry, damp, or even dank have become synonymous with January drinking. Whether it is a resolution, a challenge, or just a choice, some people are putting their favorite beer far back in the refrigerator for another day.  

Even though willpower can keep people from cracking open that cold one, that craving, longing, or just thirst for the light lager flavor can creep into the day. Sometimes a little distraction can be the tasty solution. It is time for Miller Lite Beer Mints.  

Speaking to this special offering, Ann Legan, Vice President of Marketing, Miller Family at Molson Coors said, “We created Beer Mints for the folks participating in Dry January who might miss the taste of Miller Lite while being out with friends this January. If you love the taste of beer but want to take a break from the ABV for the month, we’re offering consumers the perfect way to enjoy Miller Lite without breaking any resolutions.” “Beer Mints may be a little unexpected, but we're confident our fans will love their great taste along with the surprising note of spearmint." 

After having the opportunity to try the Miller Lite Beer Mints, the first flavor is definitely mint, more spearmint. It is refreshing yet not overpowering. Even though the metal container might visually give the concept of those other powerful mints, this offering is more subtle.  

As the enjoyment lingers, the light lager flavor appears. It is not necessarily like talking a gulp of that Miller Lite, but it is more like the feeling afterwards, a slight hoppy, malty flavor without any aftertaste. It might not necessarily be a new chapter in the taste great less filling book, but it is a fun food promotion for the brand.  

The Miller Lite Beer Mints come after other recent intriguing promotions from the beer brand. Remember the Beer Cubes that keep that frosty cold refreshment going on a warm day.  

Could beer mints spark a new food trend on the shelf? Beer flavored food hits many categories from bread to snacks to even desserts. Why not take over the mint space?  

For anyone curious to try this new refreshment, the Miller Lite Beer Mints will be available online via A single container costs $12 and is available for purchasers 21 or older.