WhistlePig Dank and Dry Old Fashioned Cocktail is a new NA cocktail experiment

WhistlePig Dank and Dry Old Fashioned Cocktail
WhistlePig Dank and Dry Old Fashioned Cocktail / WhistlePig

Always known for its creative approach to whiskey, the latest offering from the Vermont based distiller pushes the non-alcoholic cocktail in a whole new direction. With the WhistlePig Dank and Dry Old Fashioned Cocktail, it is time to pour a beverage that sets fire to the preconceived notions of dry drinking.  

Although labels like Dry January or Sober Curious spark conversations, sometimes those mocktails or non-alcoholic options are just filling the gap till people return to their preferred libation. While no one should be osterized for skipping alcohol, the beverage choices need to be innovative, intriguing, and hopefully a little fun.  

Many mixologists have achieved that notion. Bold flavors, creative combinations, and pretty presentations have enticed people to enjoy that sip. In some cases, the beverage creates a buzz, just not the one that leaves the head pounding.  

Some distillers and breweries have jumped on the non-alcoholic trends. From hop water to zero proof bottles, the trusted brands want to provide all the options to their loyal customers. Whether it is an one-off switch or a permanent one, it ensures that people enjoy something familiar no matter the beverage in their glass.  

With the  WhistlePig Dank and Dry Old Fashioned Cocktail, the Vermont distillery takes two beverage trends and bottles them into a single pour. Speaking to this special limited time offering, Meghan Ireland, WhistlePig Head Blender said, “At the intersection of non-alc and cannabis trends, terpenes offer a new frontier for flavor that we couldn’t resist experimenting with. The results are fire, with terpenes adding aromas and mouthfeel that are often missing from non-alc innovation. Whether you’re still walking the hog, enjoying the electric lettuce, or abstaining altogether, WhistlePig fans do not have to miss out on a great tasting Old Fashioned this January.” 

What can drinkers expect from WhistlePig Dank and Dry Old Fashioned Cocktail?  

While some beverage companies have dabbled in the “dank,” the WhistlePig Dank and Dry Old Fashioned Cocktail does not overly lean into that pungent aroma. Although there is a whiff of the smoky qualities, nothing overshadows the rye non-whiskey. Anyone who prefers that slightly spicy whiskey will still taste the classic notes that draw people to those porcine themed offerings.  

What is surprising from this non-alcoholic whiskey is the maple syrup flavor. Although an unbalanced Old Fashioned cocktail can be a little cloying, this offering hits the “sweet spot.” It is inviting, satisfying and even makes the drinker want to enjoy another pour. Since there is no worrying about overindulgence, that second drink is totally permissible.  

Since WhistlePig often pushed the boundaries of whiskey and distilling, it will be interesting to see if other distilleries follow suit. Whether it is the non-alcoholic side or the non-psychoactive cannabis terpenes, there could be a growing market for both. The NA category continues to grow and major beverage brands need to take notice. As long as the offerings do not dilute the flavor and expectations that loyal fans have, it could be an essential off shoot for many companies.  

In addition, the rise of the pourable cocktail seems like a trend that is here to stay. Whether it is simplicity, convenience, or something else, people like the idea that a bottle with no effort is waiting to be poured. It does not mean that a well-shaken cocktail will fade into a distant memory. Rather, the options and variety are vital to a brand staying forefront of mind.  

The limited edition WhistlePig Dank and Dry Old Fashioned Cocktail is available online at shop.whistlepigwhiskey.com. It is sold in two ways. A single bottle is $49.99 or Hot Box Bundle, which includes a “pig-shaped cocktail smoker and ‘dime baggie’ of cocktail smoking chips,” retails for $64.20.