New Taco Bell Tajin collaboration gives classic menu items a flavor boost

While every Taco Tuesday might have a tasty restaurant deal, the new Taco Bell Tajin collaboration captures that Live Mas sentiment. This food collaboration is one of many coming to the quick service restaurant menu.
Taco Bell Tajin collaboration and other food brand partnerships
Taco Bell Tajin collaboration and other food brand partnerships / Taco Bell

Taco Bell revealed new food flavors coming to its menu throughout the year. During the special event held in Las Vegas, the epic food celebration excitement is definitely not staying in Vegas. From the new Taco Bell Tajin collaboration to a bevy of other food offerings, it seems that there is more and more to enjoy in 2024.

During the first ever Live Mas LIVE, the food announcements were fast and furious. The 2024 marketing calendar is overflowing with creative menu offerings. Sweet, savory, spicy and chef driven, it seems that everyone will be running to get that first taste.

The food collaboration list is quite long. In addition to expanding the MTN DEW Gelato to a larger audience, the food collaboration that will have everyone talking is the Taco Bell Tajin offering.

According to the Taco Bell announcement, the tested menu items will include Tajín Crunchy Taco, Tajín Twists and Tajín Strawberry Freeze. These choices should highlight that iconic sweet and spicy flavor in the best way.

The best part of this collaboration is that the flavor combination captures a concept that is not often highlighted on a quick service restaurant menu, sweet and spicy. While hot honey continue to trend, this offering is different.

Bringing the heat to dessert and beverage offerings sets Taco Bell part from other restaurants. More importantly, it could start a new trend across the quick service restaurant world.

While the Taco Bell Tajin collaboration might get everyone feeling all warm, it is only one of many food collaborations in the works. The Cheez-It Crunchwrap will be available nationwide. Although no exact launch date was shared, it would be nice to drop this menu item in time for March Madness.

Salt and Straw will partner with Taco Bell. The ice cream brand has never been afraid to push the flavor envelope. The Taco Bell x Salt & Straw always-crispy Ice Cream Chocolate Taco captures flavor creativity as well as a taste of nostalgia.

Other brand collaborations include hot sauces, like Secret Aardvark and Disha Hot. Also, Beekeeper Coffee will offer a Horchata Cold Brew Latte.

While there was plenty to unwrap from the Taco Bell event in Las Vegas, it was clear that 2024 is all about the “mas.” From bolder flavors to more menu options, it seems that every day of the week, not just Tuesday, is a Taco Bell day.