Nutella Biscuits open a bag of friendship with Biscuits with Besties

Kristen Kish for Nutella Biscuits
Kristen Kish for Nutella Biscuits / Nutella

While one television show might have had biscuits with the boss, Nutella Biscuits are using its sweet, crunchy, delicious flavor to make more connections. Through their program Biscuits with Besties, everyone can share a treat and make memories for years to come.

Sharing a snack or a meal with a friend is more than just curbing hunger. It is a time to connect, or even reconnect. Whether it is the request to grab a coffee, offer to catch up, or celebratory moment, food is the common ingredient to any of those moments.

Nutella Biscuits celebrate both the big and small moments where Biscuits with Besties brings people together. From the weekly girls night out to the monthly book club, it is time to make the gathering even sweeter with a Nutella treat.

As  Saverio Suraci, Director of Marketing at Ferrero USA said, “Nutella Biscuits are made for sharing, and we're excited to celebrate people getting together with common interests, just as we bring people together who enjoy Nutella.”

One person who loves her snacks is celebrated chef, Top Chef winner, and Season 21’s current host Kristen Kish. Anyone who watches Dish with Kish knows that the chef is always ready to open a bag of snacks, cookies, or other food items.

Speaking of her partnership with Nutella Biscuits, Kish said, “When I'm with my friends, we are always looking to discover new things to enjoy together. And our new favorite snack discovery is Nutella Biscuits. They're crunchy, creamy, and perfect to share with your friends.”

Although Nutella might not be a secret ingredient in an upcoming Quickfire Challenge, it is a food that brings people together. From stacking pancakes at the firehouse to fun waffle recipes at the family table, the classic chocolate hazelnut spread always brings smiles all around.

Additionally, Nutella Biscuits are a treat that takes that favorite sweet flavor and makes it a little more snackable. The crispy, crunchy cookies have the perfect combination of a creamy center and a crisp outside. It is hard not to eat half the bag in a single setting.

Over the next several weeks, Nutella Biscuits will celebrate besties, friends, and everyone who shares a treat while enjoying a favorite activity. From a group of moms who are trying to prepare for when their kid heads off to college to friends who reconnect at a high school reunion, there are unlimited ideas on the table.

Ready to enjoy some biscuits with your besties, brother, or anyone in your life? Check out Nutella’s socials for more information.