Popeyes and Ken Jeong celebrate the wait is over in its Super Bowl commercial

Chicken wings and Super Bowl Sunday are always a winning combination. Now that the wait is over, Popeyes and Ken Jeong are ready to enjoy those scrumptious flavors and all the other recent innovations.
Ken Jeong in Popeyes Super Bowl Commercial
Ken Jeong in Popeyes Super Bowl Commercial / Popeyes

For its first ever Super Bowl commercial, Popeyes celebrates its big menu innovation, adding five flavors of chicken wings. While the wait for those wings has been long, everyone, especially Ken Jeong, is excited to taste all the flavors.  

While Popeyes has offered a tease or two about its content, the full commercial is now available. Check out the clip.  

Now that Popeyes has taken its iconic Southern chicken expertise to chicken wings, it is time for everyone to get out of the cold and get that taste. From bold spicy options to more mild tastes, there is an order that will satisfy any and every craving.  

The premise of unfreezing Jeong and seeing all the changes that have happened over the years is humorous. Sometimes innovation is a perfect solution and other times it can be a little off putting. But, there is always something telling about the evolution. In this case, the Popeyes commercial is more than just silly laughs. There is a little extra in this storyline.  

While this Super Bowl commercial will earn top billing with fans and rankings, the reality is that Popeyes is highlighting that it is willing to keep up with the times. The brand might have made a huge splash with that chicken sandwich a few years ago, chicken wings are the new conversation. Ensuring that the quick service restaurant brand is leading the way versus following is key.  

Now that Popeyes has cracked the ice on a Super Bowl commercial, the door is opened to more pop culture conversations. Could that love of Popeyes have everyone swooning at major sporting events, holidays, and special occasions? It is quite possible. The good times are rolling and everyone needs to satisfy that craving.