Something About Boursin sandwich recipe rules with pumped up flavor

Boursin cheese
Boursin cheese / Boursin

While there is something about a certain Los Angeles sandwich shop that has people lining up for that first taste, some people cannot travel to get that food. With the Something About Boursin sandwich recipe, that pumped up flavor can rule no matter where it is served.

Boursin is known not only for its delicious flavor but also for its versatility. From a simple spread on a cracker to enhancing a mashed potato recipe, there are plenty of reasons to have some of that spreadable cheese in the refrigerator.

While Boursin is perfect on a cheese board, the flavor can bring the taste of a much talked about sandwich to anyone’s kitchen. Inspired by the Greek sandwich featured on Something About Her’s menu, Boursin created the Something About Boursin sandwich recipe.

Explaining this special recipe, Ridhi Barber, Brand Director of Boursin said, “Boursin Garlic and Fine Herbs cheese is the perfect accompaniment for catching up with friends or watching your favorite besties on TV. Whether it’s the center of a charcuterie board or crumbled on sandwich, we’re thrilled that cheese lovers are catching up with friends while enjoying Boursin.

Here’s how to make Something About Boursin sandwich recipe.


Boursin Garlic and Fine Herbs Cheese

Ciabatta Bread

Persian cucumbers, sliced

Pickled red onions

Kalamata olives, optional


Slice ciabatta bread and lightly toast it

Spread Boursin Garlic and Fine Herbs Cheese on both sides of the ciabatta

Layer desired amount of Persian cucumbers

Pump it up with picked red onions and kalamata olives


For a more robust flavor combination, consider swapping in the new Boursin Rosemary and Black Garlic flavor. The umami forward flavor is bold yet not overpowering. The black garlic has a hint of sweetness that offsets the herbal, woody quality of the rosemary.

While the Something About Boursin sandwich recipe is delicious, it can inspire everyone to create their own “something” style sandwich. Given that Boursin has eight flavors in its line, there are many ways to bring the flavor to the sandwich game.

From a sweet and tangy Fig and Balsamic to the slightly spicy Cracked Black Pepper, the cheeses work on sandwiches, burgers, and even hot dogs. If you have not had Caramelized Onions and Herbs Cheese with a hot dog, it is a must try for summer.

Boursin cheeses can be found at various retailers. Check with stores for availability and pricing.