Starbucks Reserve Summer Menu adds new customizable beverage option

Starbucks Reserve Summer Menu
Starbucks Reserve Summer Menu / Starbucks

While heads are turning over the new blue, Summer-Berry beverages, the Starbucks Reserve Summer Menu is bringing their own bright, colorful food choices. With a new customizable option, the food and beverage choices are more inclusive.

At the Starbucks Reserve locations, the food and beverage team can push the creative boundaries. Even if a version of one of those drinks can find its way to the regular Starbucks menu, the specialty offerings have people looking at coffee and coffee pairings differently. Whether it is a cocktail, a fruit-infused option, or even a delicately plated dessert, it turns coffee time into an elevated experience.

Looking at the Starbucks Reserve Summer Menu, it is clear that the culinary team took a trip to the tropics. For example, the Pineapple Rum Float is a new take on a coffee cocktail that showcases how the flavor can be sweet, zesty, and tropical. The float includes: Starbucks Reserve espresso, Ten to One Dark rum, and Henriques & Henriques Madeira wine. Instead of another shaken martini, this beverage captures the flavors of a classic dessert yet does not feel stodgy.

More importantly, the new Pineapple Rum Float adds a customizable beverage option. While the original recipe uses a traditional gelato, guests can opt for a oatmilk-based gelato. Adding a plant-based alternative is a smart decision for Starbucks. Ensuring that more guests can sip on this tropical delight is imperative to making it a bigger hit.

To pair with that satisfying Pineapple Rum Float, the Tropical Coconut Mousse Cake is a lovely food pairing. While the traditional Starbucks locations are offering a Pineapple Cloud Cake on its menus, the connection between the two desserts is apparent.

Beyond the tropical fruit flavors, it is the texture that makes it craveable for summer. Light, airy mousse feels like a cloud. Zesty citrus flavors offer just the right amount of puckery while the hint of sweetness makes it seem indulgent. Whether paired with that Pineapple Rum Float or enjoyed with a simple black coffee, the dessert is a standout.

Other items on the Starbucks Reserve Summer Menu include Strawberry Lemon Tart, Zucchini and Burrata Pizza, Hot Honey Beverages and more. In addition, there are a wide range of specialty coffees and merchandise available for the season.

Starbucks Reserve stores are located in New York, Chicago, and Seattle. Food, beverages, and merchandise can vary by location.