Stuffed Puffs brings the pucker to its new Easter marshmallows

Stuffed Puffs Easter Marshmallows filled with Jolly Ranchers
Stuffed Puffs Easter Marshmallows filled with Jolly Ranchers / Stuffed Puffs

While summer s’mores season is always more enjoyable with Stuffed Puffs, the brand’s new Easter marshmallows might be the hit of the holiday. Getting a flavor boost from Jolly Rancher, the candy captures the tasty balance of sweet and sour.

Over the years, sour candy has surged in popularity. While there is always a touch of sweetness with that sour, it is the tart taste that has people’s mouths salivating for more. From hard candies to chewy options, there are plenty of choices to satisfy that craving.

With marshmallows, the flavor tends to be sweet. Although one iconic brand has partnered with popular candy companies to incorporate those flavors into the sugary goodness, no one has put the flavor inside the marshmallow.

For the Easter holiday, Stuffed Puffs has collaborated with Hershey’s Jolly Rancher to make a sweet and sour treat. As Michael Tierney, CEO of Stuffed Puffs explained, “Partnering with The Hershey Company to incorporate the Jolly Rancher brand and flavors with our brand has allowed us to craft an incredibly fun Easter treat. The Sour Blue Raspberry and Sour Watermelon flavors add a playful, sour punch to our beloved marshmallows. These innovations are an exciting new frontier in candy fillings for Stuffed Puffs and open up a new world of possibilities for our future growth."

The combination of Sour Blue Raspberry and Sour Watermelon flavors will work well with that fluffy, sweet marshmallow. Although it might not necessarily the typical marshmallow that is found in a s’more, it is a poppable treat that many people will want to try.

In addition, it could be a fun twist for other desserts. From a topping on a cupcake to swirling pieces into a milkshake, there are many ways to use this treat.

While the Easter marshmallows are a good idea, it opens the conversation to more flavor collaborations with the brand. If sour candies go over well, what other options could be available? From cinnamon to nutty flavors, there are almost an infinite number of possibilities.

The Stuffed Puffs featuring Jolly Rancher candies are available now. Participating retailers include Walmart, Kroger, Dollar General and more stores.