Subway Sidekick Safe ensures no one sneaks away with those treats

Subway Sidekick Safe
Subway Sidekick Safe / Subway

While kindergarten might have taught the concept that sharing is caring, some people do not want to share their food. From the little bite to taking a large portion of the meal, even best friends and perfect relationships can draw a line in the sand when it comes to sharing food. With the new Subway Sidekick Safe, no one will sneak a bite of those new favorite Subway treats.

When Subway announced its new Sidekicks, people ran to get that first taste.  Although the sides will never fully replace a favorite sub order, the cookie, churro and pretzel have people excited to make another visit to that quick service restaurant.

With the growing popularity of the Subway Sidekicks, some people might have thought that large size snack would be a shareable side. Although some people think that a French fry order might be a communal table food, others prefer that everyone keep their hands to themselves.

Subway has a solution to keep those cookies, churros, and pretzels under lock and key. The Subway Sidekick Safe is an insulated footlong-sized storage unit, with a keypad lock and carrying strap. Whether it is keeping that snack safe till the sub is eaten or it helps to save that cookie till later in the day, the treat is waiting. Just make sure to use a unique code.

The idea of a special food carrying case is not necessarily a new idea. From baguette purses to special pockets to keep syrup warm, many food brands have embraced the connection between food and fashion. It is more than just a name on a shirt. This idea blends food, fashion, and function.

While many people would run to purchase one, the Subway Sidekicks Safe is only available via a giveaway. More information on how to enter and potentially win one of the 100 offerings can be found on Subway’s giveaway website. The giveaway ends on March 2, 2024.

With 9 million Subway Sidekicks sold since their launch, the popularity over this new food menu continues to grow. Could another treat join the menu? Let’s hope that a brownie or a brookie will join the line-up soon.