Subway swoops in with an out of this world delivery offer

Subway UFO deal
Subway UFO deal / Subway

With all the heat, some people might prefer to stay inside and order that meal. Subway decided to soar to new food delivery heights. This UFO offering has big savings that everyone wants to identify.

Food deals are popping up everywhere. Quick service restaurants continue to redefine the value meal. With consumers having more options, each brand needs to stand out, capture attention, or otherwise drive the conversation to their tables.

Recently, Subway rolled out several new menu items that are tasty and cost effective. The Footlong Dippers, priced at just $3, are a prime example. Plus, the interactive nature of the menu item adds a little fun to mealtime.

With the newest Subway promotion, it leans into the playful side with a special deal, a UFO deal. While no one has to spot a visitor from another planet or identify a celestial being, the fun idea gets people engaged.

Starting on World UFO Day, Subway will launch the Ultimate Footlong Offering. In Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, and Orlando, special drone deliveries will soar across the sky to certain MVP Rewards members. While that buzz is fun, this deal is not just for a select few.

The UFO deal has benefits for everyone. With code UFO Day, anyone can get “20% off any Footlong Sub when ordered with a Footlong Dipper and Footlong Cookie.” Unfortunately, the drone delivery is not part of the nationwide offer. But, the deal is good from June 24 through July 1.

This UFO promotion is not the first time that Subway took flight. Previously, there was a Subway blimp and a floating restaurant. Maybe the next big quick service restaurant war will be in the sky. Instead of those billboards lining the highway, maybe drones will hover with the possibility of the food swooping in to curb that hunger.

Ready to get another food deal? This Subway UFO deal is real, not a creation from that AI world.