Target makes Mother’s Day brunch essentials more affordable

A Mother's Day card sits at the table
A Mother's Day card sits at the table / Danielle Parhizkaran/ /

While everyone wants to shower mom with a bounty of flowers, presents, and food treats, Target wants to make those purchases affordable. Luckily, these Mother’s Day brunch essentials can fill the table without going over budget.

Many people want to shower the women in their life with a lavish celebration for Mother’s Day. Even though securing that coveted brunch reservation can seem like the ultimate score, the check at the end of the meal might a little damper on the moment. Of course, mom deserves the best, but she might have instilled some practicality with spending choices.

This year, Target has found a way to balance all the gifts and food celebrations that mom wants without overspending. From Mother’s Day brunch essentials to blooming bouquets, all the favorite gifts are on the list.

According to Rick Gomez, Executive Vice President and Chief Food, Essentials and Beauty Officer, “At Target, we love helping consumers save money as they celebrate special moments, and Mother’s Day is no exception. Coming off a record-setting Valentine’s Day, our Floral team is ready for another big gifting season – with mixed bouquets and dozen-rose arrangements starting at $15, as well as 10 stem tulips starting at $7, priced even lower than last year.”

With 75% of people gifting flowers for Mother’s Day, it makes sense to bring affordable options to the celebration. Whether those tulips are the gift or part of the brunch tablescape, the cost-effective options could allow a second purchase.

While the flowers make for a stunning visual, the Mother’s Day brunch essentials bring the flavor to the celebration. Target has many options priced under $3.

Some examples of delicious brunch food options include: Favorite Day Mini Chery & Cranberry Scones, Favorite Day Chocolate Petite Croissants, and Favorite Day Apple Fritters. These sweet treats can be paired with a beautiful quiche, frittata, or just some scrambled eggs. Remember, it is the effort, not necessarily the perfection, that mom appreciates.

For example, why not create a tray with mom’s favorite coffee, a pastry, some fruit, and a flower to start the day. It is not necessarily elaborate, but it is a way to show that you know how she takes her coffee, her favorite pastry, and her flower preference. Appreciating those details can mean a lot to her.

Target has savings on flowers, food, gifts and more for Mother’s Day. More information can be found on its website and in stores.