Shake up a taste of Miami’s vibrant cocktail scene with these libations

American Express Unveils New Art x Platinum Designs at COTE Miami
American Express Unveils New Art x Platinum Designs at COTE Miami / Bryan Bedder/GettyImages

While the local nightlife might go till dawn, shaking up a taste of Miami’s vibrant cocktail scene can happen far away from Collins Avenue. Be inspired by some of these art-inspired libations and toast to the good life.  

Miami is always bustling with events. From the annual Art Basel extravaganza to the feast that is South Beach Wine and Food Festival, the reality is that the Magic City always lives up to that wonderful experience showcased in every corner of the 305.  

Although some people can picture themselves basking in the sun on the sand and dancing till the wee hours of the morning, the reality is that a trip to Southern Florida is not necessarily in the cards for everyone. But, a few of those flavors can be enjoyed both near and far.  

During the 2023 Art Basel event, several celebrated Miami restaurants poured cocktails featuring Vita Coco coconut water. While Vita Coco has been used in a variety of ways, these specialty beverages not only brought a slight tropical note but also showcased the versatility of coconut water.  

For example, at COTE Miami, sitting side by side with the Art After Dark cocktail, the establishment served One Time. Although no one was referring to band camp, the version of a pina colada was sophisticated yet approachable.  

Combining the Vita Coco coconut water, Ten To One Dark Rum, pineapple and hibiscus, the classic tropical cocktail is more nuanced. It is more than the addition of the floral hibiscus. The viscosity of the coconut water adds a luscious consistency that makes such an enjoyable sip.  

Another Miami hotspot, Giselle gives guests breathtaking view from its rooftop perch. During Art Basel, the Art Basil cocktail epitomized the savory trend. In addition to the Vita Coco coconut water, the combination of blanco tequila, basil, and citrus, the flavor was zesty and refreshing.  

But, that one option was not the only choice on the menu. Madame Monet painted a sweet and tart take with Vita Coco coconut water, vodka, strawberry and lemon. While Starry Night brought color to the class with curacao, Vita Coco coconut water, blanco tequila, lemon and lime.  

Although these specialty cocktails might have just for a limited time, anyone can be inspired to make their own version at home. Why not grab some coconut water, spirits, and citrus to bring a taste of Miami’s vivacious cocktail scene to anywhere and everywhere. The view might not be the same, the temperatures might be a little cooler, and the nights could be a little shorter, but the flavor can bring a taste of that magic city a little closer to home.

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