Tic Tac Chewy transforms the layers of flavor into a new textural experience

Tic Tac Chewy, the newest candy innovation from Ferrero
Tic Tac Chewy, the newest candy innovation from Ferrero / Tic Tac

While Tic Tac is an iconic mint that offers a refreshing taste but also has an iconic sound to that container shake, the new Tic Tac Chewy transforms the eating enjoyment. When two different textures come together, it is music to mint fans’ ears.

As one of Ferrero’s most successful brands, the candy company understands that there needs to be balance between appeasing the classic fan while cultivating a new audience. In recent years, the food brand has used flavor to extend its audience. Fruity combination and beverage brand partnerships had people looking at the classic mint in a new light.

With the new Tic Tac Chewy, Ferrero seeks to highlight innovation within the line. As Dan Cutchin, Vice President of Marketing at Ferrero USA explained "It starts with a crunchy exterior and transforms with a mouthwatering, chewy inside, bursting with intense fruit flavor."

In a way, it is an extension of the concept of Tic Tac’s 100 layers of flavors. Now, the layers are multi-textural, which leads to a whole new level of eating enjoyment.

While this concept is the brand’s first chewy candy, it does not step too far outside of the container. It has the crunchy exterior which everyone expects from a Tic Tac. Although there is no hard box, like the traditional mint, it has the same shell.

On the other hand, this candy invites the bite, chewing moment. Unlike the harder texture of the classic mint, this option is almost more of a poppable, handful type of eating experience. Instead of just two or three mints, this candy might be more like eating a bag full.

Tic Tac Chewy
Tic Tac Chewy, the newest candy innovation from Ferrero / Tic Tac

What are the Tic Tac Chewy flavors?

As part of this food product launch, Tic Tac Chewy comes in two options, Fruit Adventure and Sour Adventure. Both flavors include: Cherry, Apple, Orange, Lemon, and Grape. It is interesting that the core flavors can be balanced both as a sweet and a sour option. Additionally, having a sour option opens this new candy flavor to a younger generation, who tends to like sour flavors.

For those people at Sweets and Snacks Expo, it will be interesting to hear their first taste feedback. While Tropical Adventure and Big Berry Adventure found an audience, it cannot outshine the love for the classic Orange pack. Depending on the success of this debut, maybe some single flavor options will roll out in 2025.

Additionally, the chewy texture would be a great idea with the previous brand collaborations. If that Sprite flavor had a little chewiness, it could mimic the bubbly mouth feel of the beverage. Or, if Tic Tac ever made a root beer option, the chewy texture would be awesome.

For now, the Tic Tac Chewy will start hitting store shelves in September. Some retailers include Walmart, Amazon, and Kroger. A larger rollout will happen in 2025.