Tost by Tostitos is the ultimate Super Bowl LVIII dining experience

Kirk Cousins for Tost by Tostitos, Super Bowl LVIII
Kirk Cousins for Tost by Tostitos, Super Bowl LVIII / Frito-Lay

While the Las Vegas dining scene is full of celebrity chefs, iconic restaurants, and bounties of food buffets, Tost by Tostitos will be a highly coveted reservation during Super Bowl LVIII. With the help of Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Kirk Cousins, the table is set for a corn-centric food extravaganza.  

During the Super Bowl, Tostitos, Frito-Lay, and other PepsiCo brands bring flavor to the football event. Even though some people will be rolling the dice on the outcome on the gridiron, everyone knows that one aspect to that Sunday afternoon is always a winner, the food.  

This year, Tost by Tostitos welcomes guests to dine at a unique, once in a lifetime experience. While the event will feature a multitude of one of a kind culinary creations, NFL quarterback Kirk Cousins will give one guest the ultimate dining memory. Although the Vikings did not make the NFL playoffs, some people will remember his appearance during the final season regular game as he led the stadium in the “skol” call.  

Although many football players have taken to showcase their culinary skills, Cousins’ skills in the kitchen might be tested. Whether he has a signature dish, relies on some classics, or brings some Minnesota inspired flavors to the table remains to be seen. No matter the case, it will be a meal to remember.  

Kirk Cousins ready to serve at Tost by Tostitos in Las Vegas
Kirk Cousins ready to serve at Tost by Tostitos in Las Vegas / Frito-Lay

What can diners expect at Tost by Tostitos?  

According to Kristin Kroepfl, vice president of marketing at Frito-Lay, “Tostitos is dedicated to giving fans the ultimate game day snack and this year's Tost by Tostitos pop-up will encapsulate all that Vegas has to offer. With Super Bowl LVIII in one of the top entertainment capitals of the world, we're going 'all in' with an immersive, three-floor dining experience, giving people nationwide the chance to taste Tostitos chips and dips in culinary masterpieces, prepared with the help of none other than NFL great Kirk Cousins." 

Some food television fans might think that the three-floor dining experience sounds a little similar to a next level cooking competition, but the stacked levels allow the Frito-Lay culinary team to create different menus to highlight not just Tostitos but also the corn that is the primary ingredient in the snack.  

Although the menus were not revealed, the three levels feature different approaches to the ingredients. The Chef’s Table menu is a total eating experience. It might not be as boldly colored as some Cheetos restaurants, but it is designed to be “interactive and sensorial.” Hopefully, there is no dining in the dark, but some plays on chips and dip would be appreciated.  

The Dining Room Menu is a globally inspired family-style feast. While the concepts might have a nod to the familiar, they will push the flavor boundaries.  

Lastly, the Lounge Menu offers more nibbles. As guests gaze out over Las Vegas from the rooftop lounge, the small bites will keep the party going.  

Reservations for the complimentary menu can be made at Located near the Brooklyn Bridge at New York, New York Hotel & Casino, the pop-up restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner February 8 through 10.