Wheaties Protein combines flavor and texture in a hearty spoonful

Wheaties Protein hits store shelves
Wheaties Protein hits store shelves / Wheaties

From a distance, the orange box calls from the shelf. While the athlete’s smiling face might encourage people to dream big while eating that cereal, Wheaties Protein is the new morning routine to fuel every activity of the day.

While the cereal shelf is crowded with options, many people rarely stray from their preferred choice. Even if people recall indulgent Saturday mornings filled with smiling cartoon faces, that sweetened spoonful of deliciousness is not always the most practical option. Growing stronger can require a more balanced food option.

Wheaties has been a mainstay in people’s routines. Although the celebrated athletes that adorn the box represent the best and brightest of their sport, that visual is more than just a moment captured for posterity. It is an encouragement to dream bigger, push forward, and believe that goals can be achieved.

With the new Wheaties Protein, the cereal brand adapts to current food trends. Protein rich options are taking over the shelf. It is more than just a grab and go bar or a powder shaken in a container. Protein can be added to all types of food.

Speaking about the new Wheaties offering, Nicole Ayers, Business Unit Director for Wheaties, said, “Wheaties has honored world class athletes on our iconic orange boxes for more than 100 years and we are introducing Wheaties Protein to serve today’s modern athletes who are striving to be better everyday. We know people are looking for a boost of protein in the morning to help reach their goals and Wheaties Protein provides over 20 grams of protein in a delicious bowl of cereal that people can easily enjoy as part of their morning routine.”

Wheaties Protein Flavors
Wheaties Protein comes in two flavors, Maple Almond and Honey Pecan / Wheaties

What are the new Wheaties Protein flavors?

According to the cereal brand, Wheaties Protein comes in two flavors, Maple Almond and Honey Pecan. While each flavor offers 20g of protein per serving, it is the slightly sweet flavors that make people grab an extra box.

Many people appreciate that they should focus on some healthy eating options, but those food choices need to be flavorful. By adding maple and honey, the cereal feels sweet without being cloying. Similar to the old school Mary Poppins notion, a spoonful of sugar can make anything more palatable.

While the protein is the driver to change that cereal choice, the various textures make this cereal an enjoyable bite. The nut-cluster whole grain flakes have a heartiness that stands up to the milk in the bowl. Since no one likes a soggy cereal, the combination of flakes, nuts, pumpkin seeds, and sweetness is quite enjoyable.

The Wheaties Protein will be available at Walmart starting in April. Additional retailers will have the cereal later in Spring 2024. The suggested retail price is $8.99.