Wisconsin Cheese wants to transform dreams into grate-tastic reality

Wisconsin Cheese Dreams
Wisconsin Cheese Dreams / Wisconsin Cheese

Gazing at a gorgeous gouda allows the imagination to grow. From creative flavor combinations to immersive food experiences, Wisconsin Cheese wants every turophile, cheese enthusiast, and casual nibbler to have the opportunity to turn those cheese dreams into a reality.  

While food might be nourishment, it can be more than just the bite that keeps the stomach from grumbling. It can spark a desire to travel to a culinary destination, it can make a memory become vivid again, or it can just turn a bland day into a flavorful one.  

Wisconsin Cheese has long believed that food can be more than just sustenance. The state’s award winning cheesemakers are always looking to explore what can be possible. Without overlooking traditions and craft, that willingness to dream, explore, and push food forward deserves to be celebrated. But, why should the cheesemakers be the only ones who can dream of cheese?  

Recently, Wisconsin Cheese poised two questions for National Cheese Lovers Day. The social media query asked anyone and everyone to submit their answers to the following: “What is a Wisconsin Cheese experience you have always wanted to have but never thought would be possible?” and “How can Wisconsin Cheese plus up your happiest moment of 2024?” 

As Suzanne Fanning, CMO at Wisconsin Cheese shared, “We’re so fortunate to be surrounded by the deeply rooted cheese culture in Wisconsin – artisan cheesemaking established before Wisconsin became a state, the only Master Cheesemaker program (Ph.D. in cheese) outside of Switzerland, chefs honoring artisanal cheeses in featured dishes, and it doesn’t stop there. Wisconsin dreams in cheese and if you are as obsessed with cheese as we are, we want to hear from you.” 

While the submitted videos will be quite creative as people express their love of all things Wisconsin Cheese, it might be best to think beyond the cheese plate and dream bigger. Even though the title for the World’s Largest Cheese Board has already been claimed, the most profound sentiments might not be based on just size. What about donating cheese curds to a kindergarten class who read as many books as cheese curds made at Carr Valley in a day. Maybe someone just wants a real, not foam, cheesehead to display at their next Green Bay Packer tailgate. No matter the idea, it needs to resonate why Wisconsin cheese makes them smile, brings people together, and makes their lives a more flavorful place.  

Anyone who would like to share their answers to the questions can join the Wisconsin Cheese Dreams Contest online via its Instagram page or uploading a video to their website. For this submission, the cheese needs to be cut to 15-45 seconds.  

These cheese dreams might not require walking down a cheddar brick road or making a curd connection, but they do require a little food imagination. Ready to grab a slice of what is possible?