ThirstyNest, wedding registry helping brides and grooms stock the home bar


Forget Bed Bath and Beyond and the monogrammed towels. ThirstyNest is the wedding registry brides and grooms want, stocking the home bar.

Getting married is a big event. From the ceremony to dealing with families, everyone could use a good cocktail, glass of wine or cold beer to unwind. ThirstyNest is the new wedding registry that brides and grooms want, booze.

Many brides and grooms have the traditional wedding gifts. Today, many couples live together before getting married. The house is already stocked with traditional gifts. Another wine glass or pot from Amazon isn’t for them.

While some couples opt for honeymoon registries, some guests may feel uncomfortable contributing to such a fund. True, many guests choose to gift money to the couple. But, wedding registries are still appreciated by guests. Finding a registry that works for the couple is key.

A wine and liquor registry reflects the consumer driving force of millennials. Recent reports show,  “the millennial generation comprises the largest wine consuming market in the history of the United States.” From the uber popular rose to bold cabernet, wine isn’t for the old, stuffy demographic. Younger wine drinkers are educated and particular. They know what they like and they have the money to spend.

ThirstyNest, wine and liquor wedding registry, photo from BusinessWire

Founded by Jacqueline Strum, this registry idea came from her own wedding. After working in the wine and spirits industry, she saw an unfulfilled need. Millennials don’t want to accumulate more stuff, they want to create more experiences. Giving wine and liquor allows the new couple to entertain with friends, enjoy a special evening together or just imbibe with their favorite beverage.

The registry offers various types of pre-determined lists. Some options feature suggestions from experts. Or, the couple can pick and choose items on their own. To create a registry, brides and grooms can visit

While weddings are big gift giving events, this service would should be offered for any gift giving event. After graduating law school, I would have loved to have a well-stocked bar. A new mom might prefer a bottle of champagne to another box of diapers. A 40th birthday celebrant might prefer bottles of bourbon to tequila. I hope that this registry service expands beyond just wedding couples.

If you know a wedding couple that doesn’t need another chef’s knife, tell them about ThirstyNet. Maybe they will invite you over for a cocktail after the wedding.

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