Foodie photos are part of vacation memories, 5 food photo tips

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Capture the moment, food photo tips, photo by Cristine Struble

Show yourself enjoying the experience

An amazing plate of food can be extremely appetizing. Showing someone enjoying the moment can be just as intriguing. Don’t get me wrong. No one wants to see the inside of a person’s mouth as they are chewing. Nor, do I want to see up your nose or any other super close detail of yourself.

A picture of food and enjoying the moment doesn’t even have to show a person. A shot of a picnic in the park with food laid out and everyone in the background is an option. A day at the beach with a beverage and the waves is a thought. A backyard barbecue with food on the grill and everyone in the pool is another idea.

Food is often about the experience associated with it. Would that shrimp taco tasted the same on the beaches in Miami as it would have in the Chicago snow? Possibly not. Food is not eaten in a vacuum. The locale as much as the food itself impacts your memory of the food.

From vacations to momentous occasions, try to find a way to capture food as part of the event. Maybe you are holding the best glass of wine you’ve ever had. Or, maybe it is the sun setting on the big plate of charcuterie. Even better, the candlelight table where you are celebrating your anniversary. From the food to the moment, you will want to remember every detail.

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