Game of Thrones premier parties: What are you serving?


Even if don’t know John Snow, many people are throwing Game of Thrones premier parties. What should you serve at Game of Thrones party?

Fans eagerly await the Game of Thrones premier. The season speculation, analysis and discussion reached its peak leading up to Sunday night. Just a glimpse at the Game of Thrones fansite, Winter is Coming, shows that fans can’t wait till everything is revealed. But, we’re a food site. What should you serve at Game of Thrones premier parties?

Even if you don’t know or care which house is supreme or why dragons fly around, the season premier is a good reason to gather friends together for a party. Since the party’s theme is Game of Thrones, the food and drink should reflect that theme. From the beverages to the snacks, all the items should tie back to the purpose of the party, Game of Thrones.

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Beverages can be the easiest part of a party. Finding a beverage that fits a theme can be done with a quick Pinterest search. For Game of Thrones, beverage options are many. The hard part is picking a few.

Game of Thrones has its own wine label. A collaboration between HBO and a California vintner offers three wines, a chardonnay, a red blend and a cabernet. The wines are available at various retailers, if you can find them. The prices range from $20 to $45.

Beer fans have an option too. Ommegang and HBO have an established partnership for Game of Thrones beers. Although the newest release, Bend the Knee, won’t be available till late August, fans can enjoy another Ommegang beer. Even if you don’t have an official GOT beer, serve a similar beer style. Bend the Knee is said to be a golden ale. Why not serve an Ommegang Hennin, which is also a golden ale.

For those who want to get the party going quickly or have a drinking game in mind, a Game of Thrones shot could be interesting. Delish offered a White Walker Shots and drinking game for Sunday night’s episode. Don’t forget to serve all these GOT drinks in Game of Thrones tumblers. Cheers!

With the drinks covered, a good party has to have food. Many restaurants offer Game of Thrones-themed cuisine and parties. Pinterest is filled with numerous recipes.

The only down side to many of the food ideas is the heaviness of the food. Stews, soup and big meat dishes aren’t popular during the summer. The summer heat and heavy food isn’t a great combination. Instead try inspired by dishes. Since a beef stew is too heavy, how about a beef skewer. Who doesn’t like meat on a stick?

Truthfully, it doesn’t matter what you drink or eat while watching the Game of Thrones premier. Game of Thrones premier parties are about enjoying both the show and your friends. Grab your friends and sit in front of the television. Just don’t spoil the episode for those who didn’t watch it live.

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