Barbecue sauces: Which style is best for your next barbecue?


Barbecue sauces can cause heated debates. Spicy or sweet, tangy or tepid, everyone has their preference. Which style is best for your next barbecue?

Barbecue sauces can cause a heated discussion among grilling enthusiasts. Some people believe that the sauce is a way to hide dry meat. Other people believe that a good sauce is a key component to tasty barbecue. Even if you are anti-sauce, there will be occasions when you need to serve a sauce with the barbecue. Which sauce is right for the occasion?

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Basically, there are so many types of sauces for barbecue. Everyone has a favorite. From the major brand names to homemade recipes, the sauce can be broken into a few categories.


Texas barbecue often uses Mesquite wood, which offers a slightly bitter note. To balance underlying note, Texas barbecue sauces are big and bold. Blending both cumin and chili flavors, these sauces have a spicy yet smoky flavors.

Thinking of classic Texas brisket, the Texas barbecue sauce is the spicy kick to the smoky meat. Served with classic, plain white bread, the sauce and brisket is a classic combination. No time to be mellow. This type of sauce is big, bold and brash.

Kansas City:

Kansas City is often associated with ribs. The tender baby back ribs are barbecue legends. When it comes to Kansas City sauce, the flavors are smoky and sweet. Also, the sauce has a thicker quality to it.

The low and slow pit barbecue benefits from the sweet, tangy Kansas City sauce. The sauce has a wide appeal because of the sweet notes. Just make sure that everyone has a bunch of napkins to clean up after eating those saucy ribs.

Carolina vinegar sauce:

When cooking a whole hog, a Carolina vinegar sauce takes the barbecue to whole new level. The apple cider vinegar is the perfect balance to pork. Don’t you remember mom serving applesauce with pork chops? Apple and pork is a winning combination.

A Carolina vinegar sauce offers a big bite, sharp flavor. The sauce, itself, isn’t as thick as other sauces. It adds flavor while not overpowering a pulled pork.

Carolina mustard sauce:

Did you know that South Carolina is considered the mustard belt? The golden colored sauce has the pungent mustard taste that many people love. This unique sauce is best enjoyed with pulled pork or even some pork spare ribs.

Unlike most barbecue sauces, a Carolina mustard sauce uses mustard as the base. With no ketchup in the sauce, the mustard and vinegar sauce is a more intense flavor. While not overpowering with spicy heat, the flavor is bold.

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These sauces are just a few examples of the many types of barbecue sauces. From homemade sauces passed down through generations to well-known brand names, everyone has a flavor preference. But, why not experiment with a new flavor every once and a while. You can always go back to your favorite.

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