FrappaChata, RumChata’s premium adult ice coffee beverage is here


Who doesn’t love iced coffee on a warm day? With FrappaChata, your favorite adult ice coffee beverage is ready for a night out.

Ice coffee, cold brew and nitro coffee is everywhere. No longer will a plain cup of drip coffee satisfy the coffee fans. But for coffee fans, coffee flavored ready to serve alcoholic beverages are scarce. Of course, you can make an espresso martini or an Irish coffee. But, the cocktails aren’t quick and easy to serve. The convenience problem is solved with FrappaChata, an adult ice coffee beverage.

From the makers of RumChata, the new FrappaChata is a “premium ready-to-drink alcoholic iced coffee on the market.” RumChata is a cream rum liqueur that cinnamon/cream flavor. Some people describe it as the milk that is left after eating a cinnamon toast cereal. The new alcoholic iced coffee combines the cinnamon sweet flavor with premium coffee.

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According to Tom Mass, RumChata founder and master blender, “FrappaChata, made with the perfect touch of real RumChata, will be sure to satisfy the millions of consumers who enjoy the taste of a creamy, smooth iced coffee.”

While the product is just starting to hit store shelves, the possibilities for this ready to drink beverage are huge. True, the product is intended to be drunk on its own. This beverage could be an iced alternative to the traditional adult coffee options. But, I think that FrappaChata goes beyond a pour and go drink.

FrappaChata would make a great mixer. Used in a traditional martini, the traditional coffee martini flavor would be heightened. Or, the FrappaChata could replace cream in a traditional White Russian. Basically, the beverage could be used with a lot of other spirits to create a new twist on cocktails.

The popularity of alcoholic ice creams and popsicles are huge this summer. The FrappaChata could be used in the ice cream blend to add a creamy, coffee punch. A FrappaChata popsicle would be a great summer dessert. Also, consider adding a few chocolate covered espresso beans to the mix for crunch. Or, use the FrappaChata as the floater to the popsicle.

For the more creative, the FrappaChata could make for a delicious topping to desserts. While I haven’t played with the beverage yet, the beverage could be transformed into a foam topping for brownies. Also, it could be incorporated into a mousse.

FrappaChata, from the makers of RumChata is an adult ice coffee beverage. The beverage is 25-proof and requires no refrigeration. The bottles are sold in 1.75L and 100ml at various retailers.

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Time to open the bar. The new FrappaChata is the new way for adults to get your coffee fix and toast to the good life.

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