Don’t be afraid of the water, Shark Week parties are fin-tastic


Shark Week is ready to return. Dive into Shark Week parties with food, cocktails and shark-related fun. Don’t be afraid of the water.

From the Shark Alley footage to the Atlantic coast, sharks play an important role in the ecosystem. Even though Jaws may have created a fear of these creatures, Shark Week is a time to show some shark love. If you’re throwing some Shark Week parties, here are a few ways to shark it up.

SoYoung Shark Cooler, photo provided by Brilliant PR and Marketing

Before everyone gets the food ready and the television on, make sure that everyone is showing off their shark love. When you head out to buy all the food, make sure to grab your shark themed cooler. The SoYoung Large Cooler Bag announces to everyone that you’re a shark fan. This eco-friendly cooker bag can be worn as a messenger bag or backpack. From snacks to beverages, this shark themed cooler is perfect for Shark Week.

Time for Shark Week Parties!

Michael Phelps vs Shark watching party:

The hype machine is in overdrive. After all the gold medals, Phelps has few swimming events left to accomplish. Back in a 2012 Baltimore Sun article, a slide said that he wanted to swim with the sharks. Well, now he has had his chance.

So, what should you serve while watching this momentous event? Ice cream is the answer. From that same article, Phelps apparently loves ice cream. Luckily for everyone, Cold Stone Creamery sponsors Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.

For Shark Week, Cold Stone Creamery will offer the Great White Bite Creation. This ice cream treat features “Sea Salt Sweet Cream Ice Cream mixed with Strawberries, Graham Cracker Pie Crust and Blue Gummy Sharks.” Of course, the blue gummy sharks are a must. Those candies make playing with your food as much fun as eating it.

Cold Stone Creamery celebrates Shark Week with the Great White Bite™ Creation™ and Deep Sea Delight™ Ice Cream Cupcake, available for a limited time. (PRNewsfoto/Cold Stone Creamery)

Family fun parties:

Since shark programming is on all week long, why not get the whole family involved some nightly dessert fun. While some kids may not be sushi fans, they would love dessert sushi. Momma Lew created some Shark sushi treats made from rice cereal bars and gummy sharks (yes, the gummy sharks make another appearance). These cute desserts are fun and easy to make.

If your family prefers to buy versus make, Cold Stone Creamery has you covered with a Shark-inspired cupcake. The Deep Sea Delight Cupcake is a “rich Chocolate Cup filled with a layer of moist Devil’s Food Cake, Strawberry Puree, Sea Salt Sweet Cream Ice Cream and topped with fluffy Blue Frosting, Graham Cracker Pie Crust, a Blue Gummy Shark and a Chocolate Medallion. The cupcake is a decadent offering for an after dinner treat.” Just don’t try to out swim a shark after eating one of these.

Just for the adults

What’s a better way to relax after a long, stressful day than to watch sharks tear through their prey? Of course, all the shark watching is even better with a shark-theme cocktail. A quick search produces tons of shark-themed cocktails. From Fins Up to Shark Attack, at least one cocktail will strike your fancy.

A personal favorite for Shark Bait, from Skinnygirl. Here’s the cocktail recipe:

"Shark Bait1 part Skinnygirl® Tangerine Vodka½ part grenadine1 part orange juiceSplash of pineapple juiceOrange slice for garnishPreparation: Shake all ingredients with ice, pour into a glass and garnish with an orange slice."

Shark Week Cocktail featured at Bottleneck Management restaurants, photo provided by Wagstaff Worldwide

If you’re not up for being mixologist, head over to a Bottleneck Management restaurant and order a Shore Thing. This cocktail blends tangerine rum with pineapple juice, ginger beer and of course a shark garnish.

Lastly, if you prefer wine to a cocktail, why not try a South African wine for Shark Week. Pinotage is a South African varietal that more wine drinkers should discover. This type of red wine is South Africa’s signature type of wine. This wine has some similarities to Pinot Noir. Pinotage has smoky characteristics with some tropical fruit notes.

Having had the opportunity to try several Pinotages in South Africa, a few personal favorites are Spier and  Graham Beck. The Stellenbosch area produces many amazing pintoages.

Are you now ready to dive into Shark Week? Stock the fridge, get the remote ready and put your fears aside. Shark Week parties are the way to get over your fear of sharks and get into the deep, blue water.

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