Can cooking at home lengthen your lifespan?


On National Cooking at Home Day, busy people need another reason to take the time to cook at home. But, can cooking at home lengthen your lifespan?

National Food Holidays are a great excuse to think about food and cooking. September 25 is National Cooking at Home Day. With busy lifestyles, more and more people prefer food that is grab and go. According to National Today, cooking at home can lengthen your lifespan, but why is it?

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The National Today facts say that eating a home cooked meal five times a week can lengthen your lifespan. The statement is quite broad, but the idea makes good sense. At home cooking offers better portion control and better ingredients than restaurant or fast food equivalents.

Even though many restaurants now offer calorie counts, the portion size of a restaurant entrée is often double or larger the size of a recommended portion. Think about the last meal you had out. The plate, itself, was probably almost double the size of a typical home dinner plate. Plus, that plate was piled high with food.

Granted restaurants want guests to feel that they are receiving a good value for their dollar. Unfortunately, patrons don’t see the entrée as two or more portions. They see a single serving. The result is that guests overeat. Of course, guests could bring a portion home, but how often do you take a doggie bag from a restaurant?

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Besides the out of control portions, at home cooking allows for better ingredient control. Think about salt as an example. At home, the home cook controls the amount and type of salt in any dish. From no salt to a small dash of finishing salt, the home cook knows how much or how little is in her dish.

Additionally, home cooking makes the dish your way. From spice levels to organic produce, the home cook controls all aspects of the dish. Also, the home cook can modify other ingredients, like proteins, produce or even cooking method. The customization can make the dish and meal even more enjoyable.

Cooking at home has become even more convenient and easy for home cooks. The meal kit delivery companies have simplified the home cooking experience. With kitchen prep completed by the company, the home cook can learn techniques, combinations and personal preferences. The new industry has helped to bring back home cooking.

Even though home cooking is making a resurgence, people won’t completely give up eating out. Dining out can bring at home cooking inspiration to the dinner table. The idea is to find balance between the two scenarios.

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Some people agree that cooking at home lengthens your lifespan. Truthfully, why wouldn’t you put this theory to a test for at least a little while? It might be to your benefit.