Sweet and satisfying: Cake meets chips in the new craveable snack, Kake Chips


Sometimes you want to eat a piece of cake, but it isn’t convenient. Get that sweet and satisfying bite in cake meets chips, Kake chips.

Cake isn’t just about special celebrations. While birthday cake is iconic, that piece of cake is sweet and satisfying. But, a slice of cake isn’t always convenient to eat. Now, cake meets chips in the new Kake chips.

From TastyKake, the new Kake chips offer the sweet bite of cake in a crunchy chip form. Each and every bite is sweet and satisfying. Available in two flavors, Birthday Kake and Salted Caramel, these two sweet chips flavors will soon be a favorite with kids and adults.

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Cake is always a popular dessert, but it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have texture. If a cake has a crunch factor, let’s hope the texture is from nuts or something crunchy. Cake should be moist. Until these chips, there wasn’t an option for a crunchy, cake flavored treat.

While the name is quite catchy, this sweet treat is more like a crunchy cookie or like Nilla wafer. Of course, the crunch and sweet is extremely satisfying. But, it’s a chip in the traditional sense.

Whether you consider it chip or a cookie, this sweet treat can be more than a snack bag filled with sweetness. The texture and flavor lend these kake chips to semi-homemade treats. Recently, on ABC’s The Chew, these chips were used in a layered dessert. The crunch balanced the luscious cream.

Inside of a layered dessert or trifle, these chips (cookies) would make a great cheesecake crust. Instead of a graham cracker crust, use these chips. Simply pulse the chips in a processor or break up the chips using your own method. Then, use the crumbs to create a crust. The salted caramel flavor would be a terrific choice for a chocolate cheesecake or even a traditional cheesecake.

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TastyKake’s new Kake chips are available nationwide. Bags retail for $2.99 a bag where other TastyKake products are sold.

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