Cheese curds: 5 fun facts to celebrate National Cheese Curds Day


Cheese curds, these delicious nuggets of cheese, are celebrated on National Cheese Curds Day. But, how much do you know about them?

October 15 has been proclaimed as National Cheese Curds Day. While this holiday was created by the Wisconsin fast food company, Culver’s, it is a great excuse to eat a cheese curd. Many Wisconsin residents and other Midwesterners are familiar with these delicious cheesy nuggets.

For those who haven’t had the opportunity to indulge in a cheese curd, here are five fun facts about the cheese curd.


Yes, it’s squeaky cheese

One of the main characteristics of a cheese curd is that it squeaks. A fresh cheese curd will produce a squeak sound when you bite into it. The sound is fun, but it also tell you that the cheese is fresh. Without the squeak, your cheese isn’t the best that it could be.

It’s real cheese

A cheese curd is real cheese. It is an important part of the cheese making process. The curd forms before the cheese is aged. When the whey is removed, the curd is formed. Since it is the early part of the cheese making process, it is why the curd needs to be eaten when it is fresh.

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Fry it up

A cheese curd can be battered and deep fried. The center of a deep fried cheese curd gets warm and melted. But, don’t confuse this warm, cheesy bite with a mozzarella stick. No marinara dipping here. This cheese is a cheddar through and through.


Have you ever had poutine? That cheesy goodness that was smothered in gravy on top of those golden delicious fries is a cheese curd. The warm cheese makes poutine even more decadent. Each bite is an explosion of flavor. Don’t forget a good craft beer to pair with that delicious poutine.

October 15, National Cheese Curd Day

The Wisconsin restaurant chain, Culver’s, created National Cheese Curd Day. The restaurant is known for using farm fresh ingredients, Midwestern values and a commitment to quality. Culver’s serves delicious cheese curds at its restaurants across the U.S. Everyone, even those as far away as Florida, can enjoy these golden, cheesy delicious bites.

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Have you enjoyed a real cheese curd? We will be enjoying a few on National Cheese Curd Day. If you’re going to join us, tag #FoodSided on social media.