Best new Halloween candy: All the fun, none of the fright


Halloween candy can cause a heated debate. But, the best new Halloween candy adds a little fun to the traditional trick or treating.

Some people only want their favorite Halloween candy. From Skittles to Snickers, candy loyalty is often fierce. Candy companies look to innovate and add to their candy offerings. Even the perennial favorite candies can get a seasonal update. Best new Halloween candy adds a little fun, not fright, to the spooky holiday.

Here’s what we consider the best new Halloween candy.

Best new Halloween candy, photo from BusinessWire

Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cup Skulls

Skulls are a huge theme for Halloween and Day of the Dead. These Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cup Skulls are part of the trend. Butterfinger has the delightful combination of peanut butter crunch and creamy, milk chocolate. In the perfect fun size, these little candy delights are perfect to grab and go in a hurry. Since they are only available for a limited time, don’t miss out before they disappear.

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Skittles Cauldron

Skittles are always on the best Halloween candy lists. For this Halloween season, the Skittles Cauldron is similar to regular Skittles flavors. The biggest difference is the Halloween inspired flavor names. From Bogey Berry to Lurking Lemon, the fun is from the names. A great idea is to add the Skittles to a cauldron for additional Halloween fun.

M&M’s White Pumpkin Pie

There is no escaping pumpkin pie flavors during Halloween. M&M’s joined the pumpkin pie bandwagon with this new version. These M&M’s feature a white chocolate center with a pumpkin pie flavored shell. While I don’t particularly want a whole bowl of these candies, these candies are great when used in a dessert. A sugar cookie using these M&M’s are great.

SweeTARTS variety bags

Some people love the classic SweeTARTS but others would prefer a twist on the classic. The new SweeTARTS variety bags include the new SweeTARTS chews and twist wraps. This variety bag offers the pucker-up flavors in several textures. Don’t be afraid of the tart.

HI-CHEW Sweet and Sour Mystery Mix

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Just in time for Halloween, HI-CHEW is asking fans to guess its special mystery flavor. The Japanese candy is a blend of gum and fruit candy. The special HI-CHEW Sweet and Sour Mystery Mix features sour grapefruit, sour lemon and green apple. The fourth flavor is a mystery. Can you solve the mystery?

The clock is ticking to Halloween. Have you purchased your Halloween candy yet? What’s in your Halloween bowl?