6 uses for leftover Halloween candy, if you have any leftover


Between over buying and trick or treat, Halloween candy is overflowing. These 6 uses for leftover Halloween candy ensure the candy will be gone by Christmas.

No one wants to be the house that ran out of Halloween candy. In many cases, you over buy the amount of candy that you need. No store wants to take candy returns on November 1. Add to those bags, the loot that the kids gathered trick or treating. The amount of sugar in your pantry probably amounts to overkill. So what do you do with that leftover Halloween candy?

There are many options for the leftover Halloween candy. While many people share the sugar with their friends and co-workers, that option only goes so far. Since you can’t just throw the candy away, you need to find a good option.

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1. Bake with the candy: So many recipes use candy. From M&Ms in a cookie to Snickers in a cake, recipes using candy are everywhere. Search Pinterest for your favorite candy and choose a recipe. There are so many recipes for almost every candy sold. Just make sure that you don’t eat the extra pieces while you’re baking.

2. Flavor your coffee: Tired of the pumpkin spice latte and ready for some peppermint mochas? Take some of that Halloween candy and use it to flavor your coffee. Put the candy in the bottom of the coffee mug and pour the hot coffee over it. Your coffee will taste like your favorite Halloween candy.

3. Ice cream toppings and mixings: One of the easiest ways to use the leftover Halloween candy is to mix it into some ice cream. Whether you use it as a topping or make a yummy shake, the candy pieces make plain ice cream into a special treat.

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4. Donate it: Many local dentists will offer a post-Halloween candy drive. If you have a participating dentist, drop off the extra stash to him. Also, some organizations will send the candy overseas. A few pieces of candy can be a taste of home that the servicemen crave.

5. Cocktail hour: Many candies can be used to create a special cocktail. Jolly Ranchers are delightful in a martini. Pop Rocks can make for a fun glass garnish. Even a chocolate bar can be a topping for an after dinner drink. Why should adults be left out of the Halloween candy fun?

6. Don’t have any Halloween candy in the house. Why this scenario is probably impossible, it is the simplest option to avoiding leftover Halloween candy. If you don’t have any candy to begin with, you won’t have any leftover candy, right? This situation also means that your kids don’t go trick or treating, which might be a problem.

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