Traditional holiday cookie flavors take over breakfast


Let the sugar flow. During the holidays sweet treats are abundant. Now, traditional holiday cookie flavors have taken over breakfast.

As the holiday season goes into full force, many people are willing to indulge in sweet treats. Putting aside that diet till January 1, the sugar filled goodies aren’t just dessert. Holiday cookie flavors have made their way to breakfast.

Recently, Dunkin’ Donuts announced their holiday donuts and coffee offering for this season. The holiday flavors focus on favorite holiday cookie flavors. The featured donut flavors are Frosted Sugar Cookie Donut and Gingerbread Cookie Donut. Also, holiday decorated Snowflake Sprinkle Donut and Snowflake Spring MUNCHKINS return. These holiday offerings will be available November 20 through the holiday season.

Traditional holiday cookie flavors take over breakfast, photo provided by RF|Binder

The new flavors focus on two traditional holiday cookie flavors, sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies. Who hasn’t spent an afternoon making one of these holiday cookies? Even a whiff of these aromas can bring back a holiday memory. The flavors are holiday classics.

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The Frosted Sugar Cookie Donut is a “frosted donut with cookie dough flavored filling, topped with crumbled frosted sugar cookies.” Cookie dough has been surging in popularity. From edible cookie dough available in the refrigerated section to cookie dough cafés, this flavorful treat is ok to eat. Adding that delicious cookie dough inside a donut sounds like the ultimate indulgence. With the textural crunch from the frosted sugar cookie, the donut should be a perfect bite.

The second donut, the Gingerbread Cookie Donut, is “caramel frosted donut sprinkled with gingerbread cookie topping.” Warm spices are popular during the holidays because they offer a sense of comfort against the chill. Combining the classic gingerbread holiday cookie with caramel should be a delightful combination.

Traditional holiday cookie flavors take over breakfast, photo provided by RF|Binder

Of course, a morning donut needs a beverage to wash it down. Dunkin’ Donuts has a couple of holiday beverages that continue the holiday flavor trends. Peppermint Mocha, a popular choice, returns. The chocolate and peppermint combination reminds people of the classic candy cane. Also, Dunkin’ will offer Brown Sugar Cinnamon. This coffee offers the warm spices that people crave during the holidays.

If you’re craving the some holiday cookie flavors head over to Dunkin’ Donuts. Just don’t wait too long. Once Santa returns to the North Pole, these holiday offerings won’t be back for another year.