Last minute Thanksgiving turkey help is a click away


Are you in a panic Thanksgiving Day panic? Luckily Thanksgiving turkey help is just a click away and the turkey can be saved.

Cooking a Thanksgiving turkey can be stressful. Everyone wants to have the Instagram worthy turkey on the Thanksgiving table. Even the most seasoned chef can have a moment of doubt, dread or despair. Before the guests gather around the table, where can you go to find last minute turkey tips?

Everyone knows about the infamous Butterball turkey help line. Located in Downers Grove, Illinois, the Butterball turkey help line has helped millions of people with their last minute turkey problems. Granted, their solution may not be the answer to your ears (no you can’t thaw a turkey in the microwave), Butterball provides some really sound advice.

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Before searching the list of turkey help sites, a few items should be considered. If you haven’t thawed your Thanksgiving turkey, you’re in trouble. Frying a turkey can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Yes, a turkey’s cavity needs to be cleaned, which means you put your hand inside the turkey to clean it.

If you have a thawed, clean turkey, the biggest obstacles are overcome. Of course, no one wants to serve a dry, over cooked turkey. FoodSided already covered correct turkey temperatures for ensuring a well-cooked bird. But, many other questions can arise during cooking. Luckily, many websites can offer help in just a click.

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USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline can help with food safety tips. No one wants to have guests calling on Black Friday saying that they aren’t feeling well and it’s all your fault. Safe handling before, during and after cooking the turkey is key. No question is stupid and it is better to be safe than spending the next day in the bathroom.

If you don’t know about seasonings or spices, many websites can offer guidance. Truthfully, if you like a particular spice or spice blend on a roasted chicken, you would probably like it on a Thanksgiving turkey. Mrs. Cubbinson’s has a great roasted chicken recipe that would taste quite yummy. Plus, the same website can answer your dressing questions.

Truthfully, the biggest turkey tip is to stop stressing. Thanksgiving isn’t about the picture perfect turkey. The holiday is about gathering around the table with family and friends. The turkey might not be worthy of the Food Network or you might have underestimated the appropriate amount of mashed potatoes. Whatever happens will make for a memorable Thanksgiving and making memories is all that matters.

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