Soup: Convenience and organic ingredients are a winning combination


Warming off the chill or offering a sip of comfort, soup can be the perfect winter food. Delicious, convenient soup with organic ingredients is available in your pantry.

Many people grew up with the idea that a warm bowl of soup can be the cure-all. From the scratchy throat to the disappointing day, a warm bowl of soup can make any day a little brighter. Still, not everyone can have mom make them a bowl of soup from scratch made with organic ingredients. Luckily, there is an easy, convenient option.

Soup: Convenience and organic ingredients, photo by Cristine Struble

One of the best pre-made soups is Progresso’s Organic Soup. These heat and serve soups are made from organic ingredients. These organic ingredients taste amazing and are good for you.

The Progresso Organic Soup comes in six flavors. These classic flavors use better for you ingredients. Progresso believe good ingredients make a better soup. These soups show that better for you ingredients can be in any consumer’s budget.

From classic tomato basil to chicken and rice, these organic soups will become a staple in many households. Whether eaten alone or served with a sandwich, everyone in the family will come to enjoy these organic soups.

Progresso Organic Soup, photo by Cristine Struble

One personal favorite is the Progresso organic minestrone soup. Minestrone soup is time consuming to make from scratch. From the beans to the pasta, it could take hours to create a robust flavor in this soup. Luckily, the Progresso minestrone soup has a delicious flavor without all the work.

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A delightful way to enjoy this Progresso organic minestrone soup is to serve it with a crusty bread. Whether you dip the bread into the soup or enjoy the bread with a little bit of butter, the soup and bread is a complete meal. Plus, with all the organic ingredients, the meal is better for you.

For the cost conscious consumer, the Progresso organic soups are quite affordable. From coupons to sales, these soups can become a staple in any home pantry.

Ward off the chill of winter, a damp rainy day or an overwhelming day with a bowl of comforting, delicious bowl of soup. Don’t tell mom, but the Progresso Organic soups, with better for you ingredients, are just as good as she made and don’t require hours in the kitchen. You might start eating a lot more soup in your household.