Which candy is the most popular Christmas candy?


From candy canes to a chocolate Santa, the holiday season is filled with sweet treats. But, which candy is the most popular Christmas candy?

During the holiday season, candy is everywhere. From that bowl of Hershey kisses to candy canes hung on the Christmas tree, no one can avoid a sweet treat. Still, everyone, or ever state, has a particular favorite candy. Which candy is the most popular Christmas candy?

The Candy Store website surveyed over 50,000 customers to determine their favorite Christmas candy. While many of the classic Christmas candies made the list, the top choices weren’t necessarily predictable. Is your favorite Christmas candy the most popular Christmas candy?

Source: CandyStore.com
According to this list, the two most popular Christmas candies are M&Ms and Pez. Who doesn’t love a bowl of colorful red and green M&Ms during the holidays? A bowl on the table is hard to resist. No one would be the wiser if you took a few. The chocolate covered with a candy shell is one of the most iconic candies. When that candy dons its festive colors, it makes it perfect for the holiday season.

The other most popular Christmas candy is slightly more unusual. Pez ties M&Ms for the most popular candy choice. Many people choose Pez for the iconic Pez containers. These popular Pez containers can make great stocking stuffers. From Santa to reindeer, the containers are just as festive as the candy.

The third most popular Christmas candy is the candy cane. From decorating the tree to flavoring a dessert, candy canes are everywhere during the holiday season. Over the years, candy cane flavors have evolved. From fruit flavors to the extremely odd pickle flavor, the classic peppermint candy isn’t the only one in Santa’s bag.

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The candy cane is the symbolic holiday candy. Even though it may not be the most popular holiday candy, the candy cane is a holiday classic. Santa hands them out to little kids. People use them to decorate.

More often, those candy canes are transformed into other sweet treats. Crushed into cookies, toppings for pies or even flavoring cocktails, the classic peppermint candy cane is the most traditional holiday candy. Most people enjoy at least one, or part of one, during the holiday season.

Even if your favorite Christmas candy didn’t make the top list, Christmas candy will be everywhere. Who hasn’t found a sweet treat in the bottom of a Christmas stocking? How many candies have you sampled while decorating a gingerbread house? Holiday candy is everywhere. During the holiday season, calories and diets are replaced with indulgence and enjoyment.

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